Karma chameleon

To the punk who slashed my tires the other night, we know who you are. I also know a few things about you. I happen to know you just got out of jail and are on probation. I know your name and your PO's name. Most importantly, the satisfaction of knowing where you are going to live. Karma really is a beautiful thing.

Burn notice

To the person who called and said if Mr. Getchey can't stand the heat, maybe he should leave the kitchen. Well, no one should be cursed through texting with dirty language like I was, so I will stay in the kitchen until the voters put me out or I burn.

Annex and protect

With so many Mexicans living in Southern California, Arizona and Texas, perhaps we should be concerned that Mexico will enter these areas and annex them to protect their citizens - just like the Russians did in Crimea.

What's in a name?

I don't ever remember Skippy Rabuck putting a circular in The News-Item for his business. I also don't see his name on any playgrounds, soccer fields or hospitals for children in the area, either. Frog's take: However, he sure has done a lot for community pride and to help nonprofits with the car cruises and other events he has organized. Have you done as much?

Fantastic planet

What a fantastic performance by the students at SAHS. "The Music Man" was done beautifully and proved yet again what a tremendous amount of talent our kids have. The singing and acting was amazing, and the sets were wonderful as usual. Mr. Styer and Mrs. Stump can be very proud of the work they all put into this production. Way to go, kids!

Super show

I am calling about the Shamokin Area High School production of "The Music Man." It sure was a delightful, entertaining and super show. Thanks to Mr. Styer, the director and the great cast, stage crews, pit band and a beautiful stage setting. Shamokin Area should be very proud of its music department.

Bible black days

To the person who called in about not going to church. Soon, churches will be a thing of the past. I am a believer in church, but I don't like what I see. I don't like religion of people that think God only knows them. Also, a boring speech is a waste of time. Today is different than living in the Biblical days.

The hurting

On churches, can you take away the hurt of my old friend who has been very active in the church and hurt by many? The churches today are not the churches of long ago. We really need to get together, invite people and everyone be good enough for everyone. We believe in God and we go to church, but people need to start caring about us.

Keep the seats

Mount Carmel Area School Board, I can't believe they are taking those bleachers down. Those bleachers won how many games for Mount Carmel? That side is more or less called the 12th man. You need the bleachers there, I am telling you. Frog's take: Zero. The number of games won by the bleachers is zero. They should probably try to find a way to keep them, though.

Despicable you

To the man in the Fifth Ward who is trapping and killing the cats, your identity is known and I am going to report you to the SPCA. You are a despicable, horrible person.