Fate's warning

The article about Kulpmont's East End Fire Company in The New-Item has been forwarded to the FBI requesting a full investigation. The loan is a federal loan, and hence if there are any problems, the federal government should get involved.

Going down?

What a terrible mess the Kulpmont East End Fire Company is in, thanks to a disingenuous board of trustees. The same fate awaits the taxpayers if the obstinate borough council persists with its ridiculous plan to borrow $1 million for a borough hall that's not needed or wanted. Man the lifeboats, we're taking on water!

Be sure

If Gov. Corbett remains governor in November, you can be sure that he will cut all state pensions.

Best Father's Day

I got the world's most expensive and best Father's Day present. All my children showed up and gave me a hug; even my grandson showed up and spent an hour with me. To top it all off, my wife got a text message from a friend and then she stormed off for the day, so I had peace and tranquility with my children and time to myself. It was a magnificent day. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Witch hunt

I am not a patient of Dr. Paczkoskie's, but I know he has excellent sterilization procedures and his office is spotless. I'm sorry, but I think this is a witch hunt and I feel so bad for him.

Effect and cause

Why don't they help that East End Fire Company in Kulpmont instead of building a new borough building? If the new building catches on fire and there are no fire companies to put it out, what happens then?

Big disgrace

I would like to know who on the board of directors of the East End Fire Company voted for this. This is a disgrace to Kulpmont.

The hard stuff

In regards to "Soft serve" about using bituminous coal, I don't know where they got their information, but at the time my husband worked at one, they used anthracite coal. I have seen it myself. I don't know what happened since, but that plant did haul anthracite coal on its conveyor belts.

Busy boy

The Mideast is going up in flames and we have major issues with Russian aggression - and the president takes a four-day golf vacation. Business as usual.

Not alone

My husband and I are two of many who signed the petition against the building they want to build in Kulpmont. We do not go to meetings because of their refusal to listen to anyone. We cannot afford this. Please, everyone from Kulpmont, go to the next meeting to show them that Bob Chesney and Walter Lutz are not alone.