Nothing like it

Awesome fireworks show in Mount Carmel. Totally awesome. I have never seen anything like it.

Long and blessed

I would like to give special thanks to the newlyweds for donating the great and beautiful fireworks display. May you have a long and blessed marriage. Thanks again for your kindness in remembering the community. The fireworks were wonderful.

Gas bags

I am tired of hearing people complain about the 10 cent gas tax in Pennsylvania. It is a fee to be used to fix roads and bridges that should have been fixed years ago, but instead fast Eddie Rendell chose to spend billions building casinos on the empty promise of property tax relief, which I personally have never seen. Let us not forget, gas was $1.89 when Bush left office and it has been over $3.50 ever since.

Blowing up

Oh, cry me a river, Democrats. You are still blaming Bush. If Obama would have continued Bush's polices in the Middle East, you wouldn't have the entire Middle East blowing up right now. Obama is not a good president on foreign policy.

Big spender

I see all the Bush-bashers are alive and well in Shamokin, but let me tell you idiots something: In 2008, Obama stated that Bush was un-American and unpatriotic because he had a $9 trillion debt. We now have a $17 trillion debt and we will soon have an $18 trillion debt. This guy is nothing but the liar in chief.

Laying blame

Let's not blame the widow of the inmate that hung himself. If you read the whole article, she clearly blames her husband for his own actions. All this is is a money grab by a lawyer who clearly doesn't want to change the policy, only fill her own pockets.

Jurassic jerk

You know what really killed the dinosaurs? Obama!

Jilted nations

Israel must be allowed to fight its battles in Gaza to a successful conclusion. If there is a phony peace agreement, brokered by an impotent United Nations, Hamas will just regroup and attack again next year. Secretary of State Kerry is a determined and dedicated man, but the role of the U.S. as mediator is no longer taken seriously abroad. America's influence in the Middle East and Far East has fallen off to nothing. Traditional allies feel that they can no longer count on us in an emergency situation when they really need us. Does Israel come to mind?

Come and get it

Hey, Frog, hope to see you at the Transfiguration Church Picnic this Saturday and Sunday. The weather will be warm, the beer cold and the potato cakes hot. I had a great time last year and the monetary donations are always appreciated by the church. Try the Italian sausage this year; it's superb. I'm so glad you keep us all entertained in Sound Off. Cheers! Frog's take: I wouldn't miss it!

Follow the money

The economy of the European union is bigger than that of the United States. The population of the European union is bigger than that of the United States. The U.S. presence in Europe is bigger than that of the European union. As Uncle Sam protects Europe, his own country is being overrun on its southern border. Why don't the American politicians see this? My guess would be to follow the money.

Cheap trick

Greg Maresca's column is usually great. That is why I read it. On Saturday when it was all about baseball he had to include a negative paragraph about Obama. That was a cheap shot that you don't need.