Sad state

I find it sad that Walmart won't be carrying Paula Deen cookware because of something she said 27 years ago, But I can buy all the Lil Wayne music I want, and he stomped all over an American flag in his rap video. Needless to say, I won't be shopping at Walmart anymore. Frog's take: I find it sad that anyone would waste money on a Lil Wayne CD.

Good day to you

Good morning, my beautiful Shamokin and Coal Region. Home of beautiful women, handsome, strong men and well behaved kids. Have a great day and enjoy it.

Big game

The person with Bengal cats, they were up on Cherry Street last night, the two of them.

Piling up

I am calling about the garbage in Coal Township. Why don't you come up along Route 61 by the little cemetery up here and see how much garbage has accumulated? They don't do anything. They owe every garbage man in Shamokin, but they get away with it.

Hummer jerk

This is to the jerk in the black Hummer who flies down Race Street every morning before 6 a.m.: He doesn't stop at stop signs, turns left on red and does at least 80 miles per hour down Route 61. You are going to kill someone. This morning when you got to the red light, you turned into the gas station and pulled right out in front of oncoming traffic, inches from getting hit. You are a hazard. I have been trying to get your license plate number, but it is impossible because I follow the laws. From now on, I am calling the police. Would you please grow up already?

Best book club

About your lifestyle: Pick up any Bible and read Romans 1:24 to 27. Humans have one voice and that is the one who made us, Almighty God. Stop making up things to suit yourself and saying things that are not true. Read and learn the Bible. God is not one to be mocked. The Bible is the most important book ever written on Earth.

Finish it

When is the code enforcement officer in Shamokin going to get the people to finish tearing down those buildings on Shamokin Street that caught fire?

Northern bound

Hi, the west is burning up and the east is drowning. What do you say we all migrate to Canada?

Bad job

I was wondering if you know who to go to if somebody did a bad roof job? My roof is fine, but this other one only has tar paper over top of it. I was wondering if you could push me to somebody that knows what they are doing.

New word

I agree with the caller who said let the gay community come up with their own name for their union. I think everyone will accept that. The meaning of the word marriage was established a long time ago. One man and one woman. That is what is causing the problem.

Two words

I have a two-word message for the ex-Catholic: Good riddance. Frog's take: Well, that isn't very Christian of you.

The other hand

Rick Perry makes the statement that every life is precious and executes number 500.


To the thief who stole the flowers from my porch I just want to let them know why I never brought them into my house. Not only were they bug infested, but a stray cat relieved itself on the flowers. Enjoy your new flowers.