Yes to a vote

Mr. Lutz is right; put the new borough hall question on the ballot and let the residents of Kulpmont decide yes or no. That's what council should have done in the first place instead of barging ahead on their own and spending good money that's better served fixing other problems.

Torn asunder

Obama has torn a country apart. Men against women, rich against poor and religious rights against agnostics. The only thing he didn't divide is the border between Mexico and the United States, and in two weeks, we have had 65,000 unaccompanied children come over this border. Who is going to pay to raise these children? More money for China while our kids can't afford college. These kids will get everything for free. Wise up, you Democrats.

High and rising

If you want to see high grass and high weeds, why don't you come up to 1268 Pulaski Ave? It is 3 and 4 feet high. I think something ought to be done about it.

Haven't heard

I see in Saturday's paper how Shamokin is still looking for veterans to march or ride on floats in the parade. I am surprised that the color guard or the joint veterans in Mount Carmel aren't getting involved. If they are, it is news to me. I am a member, and I haven't heard anything.

Bad news Indians

I am sorry to hear that Rick Geist withdrew his name from among the candidates for the head coach of the Shamokin Area Indians. We now have the same losers in charge. We shall see. I wish them good luck as they will need it just to get more players involved.

High road

I hope the new football coach in Shamokin will keep the kids busy. They should start a new program. Instead of cleaning the streets, they should clean up the road from Gowen City and back.

No comparison

This is in response to "Communal comb." I can't believe that somebody was dumb enough to make a comparison between combs and brushes at a hair dresser to communicable diseases you can catch at a doctor or dentists office for not sterilizing their equipment. Granted, nobody wants to walk around with something they caught in their hair from somebody else, but that can be fixed.

Come together

To the ignoramus who called in about the Shamokin police being on Stetler Drive, I have seen the Coal Township police many times being on city streets that are not on direct access from one end of the township to the other end. Be happy the two departments are working together. You sound like an old, disgruntled Purple Demon who can't let go of the past.

Sliding away

Looks like Kurt Masser's dream of running a wine and spirts shop are slowly slipping away.

In the beginning

This is to the 150th parade committee: Don't you know that the color guard starts the parade and don't follow anyone else?