Public enemy

Why shouldn't the public have the right to know what costs we are paying for city officials health care? Aren't we the ones who vote them into office? Every financial decision that is made falls back on the taxpayer and affects generations that will come after us. Respect is gained by being honest; corruption starts with deceit.

21st century man

I commend The News-Item for its forward thinking editorial on supporting the reduction of carbon emissions, even here in coal country. No, especially here in coal country, where the coal industry has left us orange, dead creeks, mountains of culm and underground fires and an economic ghost town. Coal was the fuel of the 19th century. We're in the 21st century and need to move on.

Games people play

What's the game our councilmen are playing with the health care cost? We pay for it with tax dollars. How can you keep from us the cost of it? And now you're playing a game in court with Vinny. How much will all this cost us? How can the way our dollars are spent not be simple public knowledge?

Turning the tables

How is it that when Vinny Clausi imposes a time limit on someone at a county meeting that he doesn't agree with, it's perfectly acceptable, but when the table turns and a time limit is imposed on Clausi, it violates his First Amendment rights? Really, Vinny? Hypocrite? Absolutely.

Johnny law

There may be an ordinance against parking large trailers and trucks in town. There are also laws against fireworks. The only problem with any of this is you need a police department that will actually enforce the ordinances and the laws. People are throwing M-80s behind the police cars and they just keep going.

Jelly jam

I was just at the M&T Bank drive-through. I came out and could not move because of the lined backed up from the donut shop. I could not go right, I could not go left and I could not go straight. What really frosted my cupcakes was the police car that came around. The cops got their donuts, saw the traffic jam and continued up Market Street.


I am calling about the bridge to Northwestern Academy. I love their sign that says "Building Bridges." Apparently, it is just ironic now.

Looking forward

China spends $65 billion on alternative fuel sources. The U.S.A. spends $35 billion. Will the Chinese outpace us on this important environmental issue? This is the future. These are the jobs of the future.

Enough is enough

I was just wondering if there is a place in Shamokin or Coal Township where I can use my ACCESS at a tattoo parlor? If they would please let me know in the paper. Frog's take: Dear lord, enough of this.

Won't back down

The Veterans of Foreign Wars never ever backs down from a challenge. It is because of the veterans that we can celebrate this great holiday. Unfortunately, the men representing the veterans baseball team ran and buried their heads in the sand. I, for one, would not feel comfortable with any of them in my foxhole.

Light it up

I just want to say thank you to all the men who lit the fireworks over in Gowen City. They were absolutely beautiful, and we sure do appreciate it.