Well done

This is special thank you to Assistant District Attorney Ann Targonski for a job well done. This guy won't be walking around the streets of Mount Carmel with a smile on his face all the time. Thank you, Ann.

Slip and fall

This is to all landlords who have useless tenants. I am talking about 20-year-old men who don't want to maintain their sidewalks when there is ice and snow. If you don't want your renters to keep up with it, I will hold you accountable for it next time I fall and break a bone.

Quit it

I am calling about the people in the tax office not getting a big raise. Well, if they weren't outside smoking, and if they quit smoking, they wouldn't need a raise at all.


See, Frog, since everybody else is giving their opinions of you, I figured I will give you mine: (caller breaks into a ripping guitar solo). Frog's take: This may be the best Sound Off call ever!

Fine them

I agree with "Do not touch" in Sunday's newspaper about not cleaning the snow. However, my call is from Kulpmont, the 900 and 1000 blocks of Chestnut Street. It is appalling, and I hope these people were fined like council says they will be.

Part of problem

Concerning "Just pathetic" and Gurski's letter to the Shamokin Area School Board, I agree with what he said; however, one thing I disagree with is that the fact that he, too, is part of the political mess, being best friends with at least two of the board members. He is just as guilty as everyone else.

My God

I agree. We should put God back in the schools. Just make sure it is my God.

Christmas outrage

I think it is an outrage that Mount Carmel Borough is not picking up Christmas trees this year. Boy, your taxes don't go very far anymore.

Rock-hard times

I am so sick of taxes. It is taxes galore. Federal, county, city, house taxes and township taxes. Social Security went up and they took it off of us by raising Medicare. I pay life insurance, house insurance, car insurance, health insurance and prescription insurance. Our oil bill is astronomical. My house is cold because I can't buy any more oil. I shop in town because I don't want to waste my gas going up on the highway.

The exception

The NCAA has always given the poor Catholic kids special treatment. How many times did they get bowl games regardless of their record? Too many. They are the only team that could go from unranked to No. 1. I don't care if they were undefeated. The NCAA ranking system would never allow a unranked team to go to No. 1 in one season, except Notre Dame.

My president

It doesn't matter how many votes Obama won by - he won. At least he won the popular vote. Please remember your boy, Bush, who created all these problems and didn't even win the popular vote. Obama won, and it doesn't matter by how many votes, he's the president. I don't like him either, but now that the election is over, it's my job as a good American to support my president and hope he leads us in the right direction.

Keep it clean

I totally agree with the person who called about the Kulpmont borough workers doing a good job, They are always out around town doing something to keep it clean or improve it. When we had Sandy or any other storm, they were out cleaning the streets hours after it was over.