Big news I

That is great news about Gilberton. I haven't been able to own a gun legally in 30 years. I am going to move to Gilberton and have anything I want. Way to go, Gilberton.

Big news II

Way to go, Gilberton. Every governing body in our nation needs to adopt your resolution supporting our Second Amendment rights and all of our rights as written by our founding fathers. It is our Constitution and its purpose is to regulate and control the powers of the federal government. Obama is out to destroy it and all it stands for. The government is of, by and for the people.

Bait and switch

The media and government claim that a firearm is more dangerous to its possessors than to potential aggressors. Would it not make sense for the government to arm all criminals and let them accidentally shoot themselves? Absurd, yes, but what do you expect from a government that can't pass a budget? It is called bait and switch.

Dog years

Reading the story on the beloved therapy dog that passed away touched my heart. I worked with my dog years ago in therapy work at the local nursing homes. Dixie Cuff from Sunbury helped train our dog. and I know the loss hurts, but think of the joy your dog gave while living here to others.

Everything but ...

Obama's inaugural address talked about everything but the economy and jobs. You can see where his priorities are at.

Alpaca you

The alpaca cartoon in Thursday's paper is just too cute. It drives a couple of points home, though. One being that this whole charade is laughable.

So what?

So Mr. Kaleta is a friend of Mr. Shoch's. So what? At least he is not one of the county employees who was taken care of while other good, long-time county employees were being laid off due to budget cuts.


After reading Mr. Shuey's letter in Sunday's paper, I find it very insightful that he would call a severely mentally challenged person a subhuman and not place any responsibility on a parent who took him to shooting ranges and had guns accessible to him. Subhuman? Is that what you really think of mentally challenged people? Frog's take: "Subhuman" is certainly not the worst thing people have called Adam Lanza.

Long four years

I usually enjoy reading all opinions; however, Mr. Maresca's Sunday opinion piece was particularly vitriolic. It will be a very long four years for him.