Then there's...

You have morons, idiots and imbeciles, and you have target shooters in 40 mph winds.

Eat at home

I can't believe the gall of the caller who complained that Shamokin Area only has cereal, toast, juice and milk for breakfast and thought the kids should have more choices. Here's an idea: Why don't you make your own kids' breakfast for them?

Tasty breakfast

Your child should not have to depend on the Shamokin Area School District for his breakfast. Get your lazy butt out of bed in the morning and make your child french toast, pancakes, waffles or whatever warm and delicious, nutritious breakfast that he or she would like.

Contact AG

If you oppose the sale of the Pennsylvania Lottery to that British firm, contact state Attorney Kathleen Kane and tell her not to sign the contract.

Common sense

This is for the person who made the decision to suspend the 5-year-old from Mount Carmel Area Elementary School. Maybe the school should teach common sense, especially to its employees.

Other concerns

Frog, you wouldn't put in my call about all that smoking on the Mount Carmel Area campus during basketball games, but I guess they have more problems now than smoking.


The situation with the little girl and the Hello Kitty bubble gun is ridiculously extreme. This trauma will stay with this child forever. I know this is true because I am 74 years old, and I remember bad things that happened at an early age. Mount Carmel Area seriously overreacted.

Parking space

I would like to comment about leasing or renting a parking spot in front of my house. I pay property taxes, money to keep my car inspected, money for registration and money for car insurance. I don't mind parking across the street or somewhere else. I can't afford to pay any more.

City issues

I see the junkyard on Spurzheim Street is expanding onto two blocks on Rock Street and into the city-owned lot that used to be the skate park. Great work, mayor, city council and police, in cleaning up the city. And when are cops going to issue tickets for cars that park on the pavements?

Looked foolish

Where has common sense gone? The administration said they did everything according to the law. The law evidently did not stipulate you treat a 5-year-old differently than older kids. We are all over the Internet, and we look like fools.

Tax and spend

We should vote all the Republicans out of office who refuse to help the Democrats tax and spend more. The bureaucrats need you more than ever.

Keep it in Pa.

What happened to "Made in USA" or "Made in PA"? This is ridiculous what Corbett is trying to do with the Pennsylvania Lottery. Keep jobs here for our people.

Fed up

The Democratic Senate and the Obama administration have not passed a budget in four years. Blaming Republicans for running a do-nothing House is ridiculous. Obama had two years of both a Democratic House and Senate, and still no budget.

Dog complaint

I am calling Sound Off because I know it is a very widely read column. I am calling from Tharptown. There is a dog people leave out to do its business on other people's property. We are tired of cleaning up the dog piles. Please stop letting your dog run. We are getting cameras installed. The expense will be worth it when we knock on your door with a picture and the piles. Please be more considerate of your neighbors.

Two houses

The Congress is made up of two houses. One house, the House of Representatives, is Republican. The House has sent many bills to the Senate, which is the second house. They are the do-nothing Democrats. Harry Reid lets bills sit and go to waste, simply for ideological reasons. He doesn't like them.

Just $3,000

This is for the caller who complained about how many taxpayer dollars are being spent to hire a football coach, yet the district is willing to get rid of teachers. The football coach is getting under $3,000 a year. Show me a teacher who is willing to work for $3,000, and he will be hired tomorrow.