Pulling the shuttle

In answer to the question, why do we have Toyota pulling the shuttle? Well, they tried the other trucks but they couldn't budge it.

Candy man

President Obama has just said that raising the debt ceiling is not an excuse for Washington, D.C., to do more spending. Isn't that kind of like giving a child a candy bar and telling him not to eat it?

Information highway

I am a senior citizen, and I have no computer. What is this about the senior bus going through computers? I don't understand what this lady meant. Whatever happened to the telephone? We all have telephones. Vinny, you get on this case.

Long enough

We have been in Korea for 62 years with our troops. I think it is time that they know how and can do most of the things they need to do themselves.


Instead of pushing for a radical gun control agenda like Obama has been, he should concentrate his efforts on getting funding to municipalities so they can hire armed guards for schools. Gun control will do nothing to prevent these shootings because the gunmen don't care anything about the laws.

No good

I am calling about that Rabbittransit. Northumberland County has to get rid of them. I had to cancel four doctor appointments now and I am tired of it. They better get rid of them.

Never forget

To the Republican Party: Shut down the government and remember my vote.

Too many chiefs

The state of Pennsylvania is getting to be outrageous to live in. You know the old saying, "too many chiefs and not enough Indians." Well, too many politicians and not enough good-paying jobs. They want everything but they don't want to bring any good-paying jobs here. It is time for everybody to pack up and leave this state.

Pulling something

How does the governor have the right to go and bring a company into the state from some foreign country without having permission from the House of Representative, Senate and the attorney general? I think he is trying to pull something that he shouldn't be allowed to do.

System error

Yeah, Frog, I am heading to a place where I don't want to go today,but I have to. I'll tell you how the justice system works for me. I'll give you a call. Frog's take: Good luck, I guess.

Going broke

I just got my bill from Geisinger for a colonoscopy. There was no statement for the charges. Medicare will surely go broke with these type of overcharges. They should be arrested for fraud.

Scare tactics

Obama is using his same old scare tactics to avoid fiscal responsibility. You don't hear anything about spending cuts from the Democrats, just frightening older Americans about the loss of their Social Security checks if Obama doesn't get his way with the debt ceiling. Did Obama ever consider withholding his salary and the congressmen's salary? They are the ones that created this problem. It is the same old mantra. The Democrats just tax and spend.