Right sometimes

It's Tuesday morning and here we go again. The weather man's exact words: possibly one to two inches. Guess what? They already decided to close school without even a flurry. Frog's take: Guess what? It is Tuesday afternoon as I am hearing your call and it is a mess outside. The weather man was right for a change.

Hats off

I am just saying congratulations and hats off to Cpl. Brian Primerano of the Shamokin Police Department for solving the crime of this guy going through the cars. He did a good job. We need more cops in the city like him and Coal Township who are solving problems.

Good one

To the person who called in complaining about me building a garage under my house without a permit on Bear Valley Avenue: After having had a very bad week, I feel I need to say thank you. That one gave me and my family quite a good laugh!

Big boom

I read the AOAA article where it quoted, "It will be an economic boom to the area." For who? It will cost residents of Northumberland county a fee. A fee that in fact is a tax. If Northumberland county residents purchased the land to begin with, how can they charge us? It was a great land steal for sure.


Of FIAT currencies: "Over time, things will get worse, not better, for the average citizen."


I deliver newspapers in Atlas and this morning I feel on the ice in the middle of the road. I would like to thank the 30 people who watched me go down and smash the back of head off the street. Oh, that is right. You went in the house.

Pick up

I read in Sound Off about "Leftovers." I didn't realize they were picking up recycling and, if it is, could you tell me when they do so in Coal Township?

Zip it

I am the on the "do-not-call" list, but I still occasionally get calls from people who I have no idea who they are. I read this interesting article last week and tried out one of their suggestions. If you get a phone call from someone you don't know, pick it up, answer it, but don't say anything. If it is one of those automatic dialers, it confuses it and it hangs up. You don't have to say a word.

All lit up

A few months before Benghazi, the Republicans cut $500 million for embassy securities - and they wonder what happened? They try to blame it on Hillary Clinton. What is the scandal? Somebody shot a rocket launcher and lit the place on fire. You don't know what they were thinking, whether it was over a cartoon or something else. Once again it is a fake Republican scandal from Fox News.

Safe home

I would just like to thank the Obama administration for keeping America safe for the last five years. There have been no terrorist attacks, unlike when the Republicans were in power with President Bush. They couldn't keep us safe and we had 9/11. They dropped the ball.

Only human

Our heathen president is firmly for abortion. He has no respect for human life or the God that created that life. The mess that he has our country in shows he has no respect for our country, either. He also has no respect for holy matrimony or the family unit our God created.

Poinsettia removal

I was wondering where I could get rid of my Christmas poinsettias. I got some and they are left over and the government is not picking them up.

Over the hill

A soup kitchen all the way up that huge hill? How are the feeble and helpless supposed to get up that hill to eat a free meal?

Fix a flat

I would like to thank the two young gentlemen who stopped and helped me change my flat tire today. I really appreciate it. Thank you.

His own mind

It was called in to Sound Off that someone said that Vinny could run the county by himself. You are wrong. I think Vinny thinks he can run the county by himself.

Frosty the jerks

I just want to know what is wrong with people. Yesterday I saw this woman slip on the sidewalk and she went half way under her car. I was a block away. There were four people in that area and not one even asked if she was OK. She laid there until I got to her from a block away. What is wrong with people?


When Ross Perot ran for president, he said he didn't want any pay because he already had enough money and he said nothing would be manufactured overseas and sent into our country. He lost big time because of our wonderful politicians, and some of our so-great citizens. We just have to put up with it. How can you spend money you don't have when you don't have a job to make the money to spend it on?


If you think signing up on healthcare.gov is a struggle, try opting out of Obamacare.

A future Christmas

I would like to let everyone know I just bought a beautiful artificial pre-lit Christmas tree at Sears. It was $240 and I paid $80. Eighty bucks for a beautiful tree.

New-age nonsense

Income inequality is a new-age euphemism for communism, which murdered 120 million people in the last century for the good of the collective. China murdered 80 million, Russia 40 million and Nazi Germany, which stands for National Socialism, 20 million - for starters.