Recycled content

Who is Craig Fetterman to say that The News-Item cannot restart its recycling program?

Panic attack

Well, I heard about everything now about the governor of New Jersey. People got stuck in a little traffic and they had panic attacks. Boy, these lawyers are something today. I have a panic attack 50 times a month, every time I get a bill.

Force be with you

Ninety-two million Americans are not in the labor force. For every one job added, nearly five people left the work force.

Slip and slide

I see where the news is all over Gov. Christie for something he had no responsibility for at all, yet they gave Hillary a free slide and she may have been responsible for having a U.S. ambassador killed.

Raise your hand

It is now the third week of the new year and how many people forgot to change the batteries in their smoke detectors? Raise your hand. Go to the store and buy batteries. Let's not have anybody die or have any additional damage to homes because we forgot to replace the batteries in our smoke detectors. Frog's take: Thanks for the reminder. Many people also change them during Fire Prevention Week in October.

Costly habit

I quit smoking Dec. 2, 1982. I read in the paper where a man was arrested for stealing two cartons of cigarettes valued at $61.42 a carton. Don't these smokers realize how much money it is costing them?

Made our day

Hi Mike, just wanted to tell you that you made our day. Now it is your turn to exhibit your photos. You take care.

Play ball

Chad Reiner is like most politicians. His philosophy is if they won't play the way I want to play, I'll take my ball and go home. The row officers should be happy that they have a job in this economy.

Free market

Why is Coal Township complaining about The News-Item recycling? It is capitalism. It's a free market. Get over it.

Not the place

I see they want the inmates to clean up Shamokin Cemetery. At the same time, there is a picture of a dog running through the cemetery. I hate it when I go to the cemetery and step in dog poop. That is not a place to be taking your dog.

Donations for police

To all who attended the council meeting and are concerned about losing a police officers: Why don't we chip in and open an account and pay for the extra cost to keep the police officers?

Feeding frenzy

Within 24 hours of the traffic jam, scandal involving Christie, the media lashed out like a pack of pencil-necked pirhanas in a feeding frenzy. But yet when four Americans died at Benghazi, the majority took the position of Hillary Clinton: "What difference does it make?'