Pride, prejudice

How comes you guys are prejudiced when it comes to putting stuff in the newspaper about Kurt Masser or the AOAA park? It show that your newspaper is prejudiced or something else, I guess. What does that tell ya? Frog's take: I don't know. You called, so you tell me.

Grand designs

To those who think it will be so grand should they sell off the state liquor stores, look at what is going on in the state of Washington. That is our future? Why sell off something that makes money?

Night vision

I have an idea: Why don't the Zerbe Township supervisors take the money that they used to call the solicitor for every little question and take that money and figure things out for themselves, and buy the cop one of those things where you can see in the dark. I think they should invest in that instead of spending on questions for the solicitor. Frog's take: What, would you rather they do, act without getting legal advice?

Clean it up

When is the code officer going to take off the blinders and start seeing the junk that people have by their homes and on their porches. Make money for the city. Three-day warning and a fine.

Musical chairs

Vinny, you can do it. Move the county seat to Shamokin. We are all rooting for you. Keep up the good work, and God bless. Frog's take: The thought is to empty the administration center, not move the county seat.


The appearance of employees in restaurants has seem to have gone down the tubes. Poor hygiene, odors, hair, beards and mustaches unkempt. How unprofessional things have gotten.

Missed opportunity?

Here is an opportunity for Northumberland County to earn money for the general fund by charging the AOAA for the 6,000 acres of land. Instead they charge them a dollar. How is that smart? I am a taxpayer; I want you to bring down my taxes, not make them go higher. Frog's take: Let me get this straight. You want the county to charge the county to use county land? Sounds legit.

Little league

I am calling to see if you can ask someone if they know where the boys and girls are supposed to register for little league in Mount Carmel. They had Kulpmont listed, but not Mount Carmel.

Deeper than that

Here we go again, the Shamokin school board getting involved in the football program. Dropping Pottsville and Lewisburg, two good football teams, and picking up Line Mountain and Central? The answer to the Shamokin football program isn't the schedule. It goes a lot deeper than that.

You've got mail

This is for "Mail musings." I am a homeowner and I get mail all six days. I am sorry that that person doesn't get any mail, but I would like to get my mail. Frog's take: Maybe you could be his pen pal. He doesn't sound like a happy guy.

No justice

When are the judges and the DA of Northumberland County going to give jail time and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law those who break the law? The police do their job arresting the law-breakers, then the DA and judges don't prosecute the law breakers to the fullest extent of the law.