Ramped up

I am calling about the handicapped ramps downtown. They can worry about street lights, but they can't worry about people getting up with wheelchairs.

Deja Dubbs

I am wondering why that building that collapsed in Kulpmont wasn't addressed by the code enforcement officer and the governing body. I wonder if they are going to chastise this owner like they did Mr. Dubbs.


I have lived in the area most of my life and have never heard anyone refer to SCI-Coal Township as existing because of the efforts of Mr. Belfanti. With a few exceptions, his letter was more like a boastful commentary. Methinks he is missing the limelight.

Shovel load

To the person who wants to remove the chair where the snow was shoveled, did you shovel away the snow? That poor person shoveled away the snow and put the chair there to save her parking place. My poor old husband shovels away the snow. Let the person who shoveled that space have her space.

Filth of the Earth

I see another local scumbag was arrested for drug dealing, bringing heroin in from Philadelphia. I hope he and all the drug dealers rot in jail. They are the filth of the Earth.


The person who expresses concern that we may borrow a billion dollars from China to support efforts to thwart climate change must be very short-sighted. How does this person think we funded multibillion-dollar wars that lasted decades?

Happy shopping

Don't stress over the Weis circular. I go to Weis. If the paper is there, I look at the ad and I put it back for someone else to use. If I want to shop someone else, I do. We all shop at different stores. Good luck and happy shopping.

Thank you

Our township road crew in Trevorton has done a terrific job with the snow plowing. Thanks for a job well done.

Gas money

Sure, there are plenty of flyers in the Weis store. The closest one to me is 12 miles away. Are you going to pay for my gas?

Star struck

Please, don't put this murderer on the front page, this Miranda Barbour. You people are making her out to be a movie star. Put her on the back page where kids can't see it.

Out of the nest

Kessler's reality show should be called, not Honey Boo Boo, but "Kessler Cuckoo."

Big sell-off

Reading about the Dollar General wanting to buy the municipal lot for construction sounds good. While council is looking for money, why don't they sell the buildings they own and don't use, or close off the utilities?

You scratch mine

I am calling about the Weis store stopping their circular. I think people miss the point. Not only don't you get the circular, but Weis is not supporting our local newspaper. If they want us to shop in this town, they should support our local News-Item.


The Gulf of Mexico is flooded with BP's oil. Tennessee drinking water source is contaminated with chemicals. North Carolina's water is contaminated with arsenic lead and coal ash - and the cry is for less government regulation and to keep government out of our lives? Kansas is voting on a law that will allow spanking children until you bruise them. Really? Is that what needs government regulation?