Big thanks

I would like to say a big thank you to Mount Carmel Downtown Inc. for the great job they did on our sidewalks in downtown Mount Carmel. It is a volunteer organization that is trying to revitalize the Mount Carmel business district, and I would like to know who we can contact to volunteer some help.

Agree with Weis

This is about Weis not putting their sales circular in the paper anymore, I agree with them. Why pay a newspaper company to put their flyers in their paper?

Business advice

So the Weis stores are no longer publishing their weekly circular? Who made this decision? Do they not realize meals are planned around these sale prices? The circulars generate business, which translates into profit. With no sales format as a guide I, for one, will be doing more grocery shopping at Walmart and Boyer's and a lot less at Weis.

First in line

I am annoyed about this valuable Weis circular that we are not going to have in our Shamokin News-Item. I want you to know that this is one of the first circulars that I take out of my Sunday paper. I don't understand why Weis would do this.

Good advice

I do hope all you people that are reading this all the time are digging out the fire hydrants that are on your corners due to all the snow. Think about it. If the firemen have to dig it out, the house burns to the ground.

After all

Finally, the paper acknowledges the failures of the SEEDCO project. The sad thing is, none of the other development schemes have done any better. I'd like to see a report showing how many millions of dollars we lost in these ripoffs over the years.

White whales

Frog, I realize your answer to the Sound Off caller who questions the amount of police cars in Shamokin was partly in jest. No problem with that, but in all seriousness, that caller presented two very valid points. Two of those cars sit off to the side looking rather grim. Yet, money Shamokin does not have may be financing the upkeep of those two white whales. Scraping useless items will not pull Shamokin into the black, true. But looking at all options to recover every dollar possible is paramount. Pennies make dollars.

Many thanks

My hat is off to the Kulpmont Borough workers and the newspaper carrier on 1400 block of Scott Street. The borough workers really did a fantastic job keeping the streets clear, and the alleys. They also are out after storms cleaning up. As far as the newspaper carrier, I really appreciated the job she did. We get our paper on time in the rain, snow and bitter cold. The News-Item customers should show their appreciation.

Give it back

I just want to tell Weis to quit being so cheap and give back our Sunday circular. Everybody misses it.

Big-time business

This is to Weis Inc.: I will not be in Weis until they put a circular in the Shamokin paper. You are a big-time business with 200 stores and you can't afford to put a circular in our local paper? It is a disgrace.