Festivus feats of strength

Merry Festivus, mayor of Shamokin. I hope that after the holiday, you place PPL on your official office phone's speed dial. It has recently rained, so the lights on Independence Street, paid for by the working men and women of Shamokin have shorted out again. Feats of strength to commence shortly, according to George's dad. Good luck.

Stolen wheelchair

To the person or persons who stole my mother's wheelchair on North Diamond Street: I hope you are proud of yourself. I wish you would return it.

Who's responsible?

Mr. Stuck is already campaigning, starting early. Please stop; it's ridiculous. First of all, no commissioner is ever held responsible for the grants. Maybe the county is, but there is a department that handles it. I have held many public offices, and I never issued a check or anything on grants. The guidelines are followed by the people who administer the grant.

The problem

Regarding all this gun outcry, it was a terrible and unpredictable thing that happened. But it was one person who did that, not the country. Automatic weapons went on sale after the wars, sold as surplus, to anyone who wanted to buy them at low prices. There are a lot of collectors. Those are not the weapons killing people. It is the people who should have their backgrounds checked before they get a gun.

Coach preference

How stupid can some of the Shamokin Area School Board members be for not wanting to vote "yes" to put in a former Penn State standout as head football coach? This is what Shamokin needs to turn the program around. Can you imagine all the college coaches this guy know? The board needs to do what is right .

Leaving town

I see the Shamokin Area School Board is at it again. They can't decide whose good-old-buddy is going to get the coaching job. Here's a thought for you: My son is a starter on the team, and I am going to move elsewhere. All the kids should leave and play somewhere else.

Who you know

I am the lady who called about Mr. Clausi putting on a roof for me. Like they say, it's not what you know, it's who you know. So, think about it.

Not right

Just because abortion was made legal by the Supreme Court, who said a fetus is not a human? And just because, in the 19th Century, the same court also said a black person is not a human, does not make it right. We are all created in the image of our God, and God's holy and true word is our guide to living life and gaining eternal life. Jesus came to give us an abundant, peaceful life. No government can give us that. Merry Christmas.

NRA's solution

I am watching "Meet the Press," and a guy from the NRA is talking about putting armed guards in schools. Who is going to pay for that? Taxpayers. Then he is saying to take criminals off the street, and the mentally ill, too. How can you identify a person who is mentally ill? Who is going to pay for all that? Taxpayers. It's going to add up. This guy is an idiot. Not once did he say anything about regulating assault weapons.

Over the cliff

So, the choice is to let the super-rich companies pay zero taxes or go over the cliff and let them pay their fair share? I figure I will pay $50 extra in taxes each year. Why not? At least these companies will then pay their fair share. Let's go over the cliff.

We need Jesus

Murder, violence, natural and manmade disasters and the government's inability to financially manage itself. It all tells me that our nation needs Jesus Christ more than ever. Our Christian founding fathers depended heavily on God to guide them in developing a free and prosperous nation. We will remain that way as long as we follow their example.

Ravens fan

I got an early Christmas present: Baltimore 33, New York Giants 14. Go Ravens!