Tan your hide

When a man uses his wife to save his own hide, it is illegal and insurance fraud.

Sage advice

Dear Sound Off readers and you, too, Mike: If you find yourself the target of other callers' bitterness, ignorance, smallness, intolerance or even hate, remember, things could be worse. You could be them. Frog's take: Well said, caller!

Tea drinkers

I think members of the tea party should be voted out of office. They are bad for the country. It is about time Mr. Boehner spoke up and took the lead against the tea party.

Get it rolling

All you Vinny bashers, he told us about the health care insurance in Shamokin. He got that ball rolling. Now he should look into Coal Township. I work and had to pay my own insurance. Why can't they?

Explanation needed

How did the swimming pool lose $100,000 in three months when all activities there are charged a fee? I would like to see an explanation of that, also.

Two gems

I'd love to thank the very sweet man working at Boyer's in Mount Carmel who came to my aide when my toddler was crying, and the lady behind me at Dollar General who noticed I dropped my bank card. Thank You!

No fair

I see where Congress voted not to extend the unemployment for 1.4 million Americans past the fist of the year, yet Congress could shut down the government for eight weeks and cost the people, government and taxpayers $24 billion. Is that fair?

On the button

I think the letters in the paper are right on the button. This is a Social Security town. Where are we going to get more money?

Blue vs. Purple

Fifty years ago, there was a classic 1963 championship game between Old Forge and Coal Township where the Blue Devils held the Purple Demons on three tries from the one-yard line for a 13-6 win. This year's Old Forge variety of pizzas lost to Pittsburgh's variety of pierogies, but Coal Township's variety of pizza, pierogies and hoagies should have prevailed back then.

Sooner or later

Hey, Vinny, don't break your arm patting yourself on the back. It was bound to come out sooner or later.

Listen up

Vinny exposed the fact that elected officials spent thousands on their own medical benefits. That money would have gone a long way to help the city's money problems. It is about time that when Vinny talks about government finances people should know he is telling the truth.

Going places

I knew it; I knew it was going to happen. If Obama doesn't go someplace, they complain about it. Now this time he went someplace and someone is complaining about it. Let me tell you something: Nelson Mandela was a great man. He worked hard to make peace and he deserves to be honored.

Some explaining

I would love to know how Kulpmont borough can have a $2.1 million proposed budget for 2014 with one part-time police officer and the City of Shamokin with 12 full-time police officers had a budget in 2013 of $2.5 million. There is a lot of explaining to do.

Fabulous job

Once again that young man in Tharptown did a fabulous job on the Christmas display. I hope he has a wonderful, Merry Christmas and a happy new year.