Deadbeat town

I believe the City of Shamokin, in order to alleviate its $800,000 debt, should go on relief like the rest of the deadbeats in Shamokin.

Ride the lightning

This Elyett Barbour looks like a young Charles Mason. We need bring back the electric chair and put these two jokers in the chair and let them feel what it is like to be on the receiving end of a killing.

Hanging tree

Both of the so-called newlywed murderers should be summarily executed after a quick trial. Years ago, most people feared the hangman and the electric chair. Both should be resumed.

Appalling couple

That homicide case down in Sunbury is appalling. I think the county should hire in some special prosecutor to make sure those two don't get away with it.

Mixed nuts

I read Sound Off every morning before I go to work, and every now and then I put in a phone call to it. I like reading Frog's take. Most of the time your takes are intelligent, a lot of them are humorous, but a lot of times I really got to say you sound like a smart---. Frog's take: So I am doing my job, then.

Why wait?

What that murdering couple should have right now is an immediate lethal injection.

Sorry, Vinny

I just want to say, Vinny, everybody owes you an apology. You knew what was going on in the City of Shamokin, or at least had a hint. This is atrocious. Now they are going to try and hit the taxpayers. Well, you are not hitting me, so you better not even think about it. Take the money out of their pockets; get rid of Steve Bartos and make his wife pay back the $2,500.

Behind the woodshed

In reference to those two scumbags who deliberately murdered that man for no other reason than for the thrill of it: Their guilt is without a doubt, so there should be no need for a trial. They should be just be taken out and shot like the animals they are.

Gas rebate

The working people pay for everything. They pay for welfare, food stamps and free health care, you name it, through their payroll tax deductions, and then they have to use their piddling leftovers to meet their own living expenses. Now they will pay more for gas to get to work. They need a break, and it would be a start to get a gas rebate on their income tax based on the amount of miles they have to travel to and from work.

City APB

I don't have the means of initiating such an act, but I wish a group or some savvy lawyer would bring charges of abuse and theft of public funds against the mayor and city council members of Shamokin. Arrest them and put them in jail. It is disgusting. You people expect to walk away scot free from this mess. Some of these people have been up there for years and you have the gall to call yourself a businessman? I hope the judge at the courthouse rescinds the mil increase and instead issues arrest warrants for all of you people.