What chutzpah

When I read those blistering letters to the editor from Vinny Clausi and Stephen Bartos, I was surprised to see such eloquent writing from either of them, although they both score high on the "chutzpah meter."


What is the sense of having these weight limit restrictions over here in the Gap for trucks that are over 10 tons if they are going to allow them to drive on the road?

The hurting

To the person who called in about combining the ACCESS card with Meals on Wheels: People who get the ACCESS card are not eating that well. They don't get that much money each month. Let me tell you something, if you cut ACCESS and food stamps, there would be a lot of stores that would be hurting. The economy would be hurting. People need to buy real food.

Good folks

I want to thank the person who found my wallet in Weis and turned it in. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. There are so many good and honest people in Shamokin. Thank you, and God bless.


Hey, Shamokin officials: Can anything be done about the ATV park at the corner of Chestnut and Fourth streets? Unregistered ATVs run up and down the street all night.

Pulling out

What are we wasting our time, effort and money on places like Egypt, Syria and Israel? Let them fight until one group comes up victorious and let them control the whole Middle East.

Please define

What is a single father? If he is not a widower, please clarify what is a single father? Is it someone who left the mother when times got tough? Is someone who sees their kids every other weekend? Is it someone who pays alimony? Is it someone who can be with multiple women, have no day-to-day responsibility for raising the child, but just because he did the act and had a child can call himself a single father. Marriage is a law. What is a single father?

Taxman commeth

I think the City of Shamokin needs to pass an ordinance that anybody who is six months or more behind on their property of personal taxes should not be able to run for any type of public office.

Maple leaf

I see where Sen. Cruz from Texas has renounced his Canadian citizenship. Even if he renounces his Canadian citizenship, if you were born in Canada or England, you are a citizen for life.

For the birds

Your cartoonist on Aug. 20 was all wrong. Hunters don't eat rare birds. They only hunt grouse, pheasants and turkey. Frog's take: T'was a joke, my friend.


The new mural is absolutely beautiful. It is just a shame that it isn't on the building where the pharmacy was. Thank that person for such beautiful work and enhancing Shamokin.

Got your back

The person who called in the Sound Off entitled "Moral majority:" I just want to say, buddy, I am with you 100 percent. Frog, for you to tell him to put a lid on it because you are a single father, that is not right.