No vote

Kymberley Best sues the county for $70,000 and wins and now wants to run for office. How can anybody in their right mind vote for this lady? I surely know I am not going to.

Open the borders

I think we should close our border, but we do have room have for children who are escaping El Salvador and Columbia. They would be murdered and raped and everything else. Would Greg Maresca want to turn them around it they were Italian, Greek, Polish, German, French or Irish? To say that Obama wants them here because later on they would vote as Democrats? Yeah, right.

Golden age

If I could live in any era it would be the from mid 50s to the early sixties in America. At that time, we were a proud, prosperous, patriotic God-fearing nation. We have been spiraling downward ever since the late 60s.

High road

I think the Kulpmont council better worry about paving the road in Kulpmont, not a new building. They don't even have money for streets. This council is nuts.

Keep it green

This is about the new Kulpmont municipal building they want to build. It seems to me the place on First Street is more suitable for recreation, not a building with a parking lot. There is a ball field, a track, a church picnic area, the circus comes in to town there, firemen's convention, fireworks are set off, wine festivals. Let it remain an open green space for community get-togethers. Find another spot for the building.

Rope them in

We got a great park in Knoebels Grove. We also got the Elysburg gun club, and now we have the AOAA bringing a lot of people in. Keep up the good work.

Borough man

This is about the person who called in to Sound Off and said why, over the last couple of years, the code enforcement officer in Kulpmont didn't site the borough. Excuse me, he is a borough employee. You don't bite the hand that feeds you.

The base

First we lost the garment industry, now the EPA and the Obama administration is shutting down the coal mines. I guess we'll all get an ACCESS card and become wards of the state, or, as the Democrats like to say, their base.

Jumping Jeeps

The day after the Jeep Jamboree at the AOAA, I saw three out-of-state Jeeps parked outside a local restaurant for breakfast. Thanks to the AOAA for bringing these people here to spend their money in our area. Next year, maybe our local businesses could put out signs welcoming them. Let's show these people some coal region hospitality. This is a big boost to our local economy, so we want them to keep coming back.

Free for all

Obama is the most deceitful president in the history of our country. He is bringing in illegal immigrants and criminals, and guess who they are going to vote for? Yes, the Democrats, who will give them free everything: welfare, food, housing and college. And who is paying for all of this? The middle-class workers, who can't even afford to have more than one child of their own.

Stop giving

I think the United States should stop giving aid to Palestine and Israel. Then maybe they will stop fighting.

Lock up the wolves

I am calling about the Shamokin Street playground. I thought it was supposed to be locked up at 9 p.m. or after dark after all that work that was done to reopen it and special paint applied to hide the graffiti? I hope someone locks it up at night so it doesn't get closed for good.