There is short hair, long hair and no hair. Mom, can you figure it out? This is the oracle speaking. Goodbye. Frog's take: As the "oracle" you should be able to figure it out yourself. I have no clue what you are talking about.

'Denial twist' reply

While you are preparing an American history lecture, make sure you also note how the Democratic Party now calls everyone a racist if they disagree with their party. Also, don't forget to include how the Democratic Party only pushes to make illegal immigrants (who come into our country illegally) U.S. citizens because they will vote Democratic. Make sure you present both parties in a true light.

What's going on

I think we all need to go to the next Mount Carmel Borough Council meeting to find out was this chase really necessary for a stop sign violation. You chase him over three counties, several highways, numerous streets in Mount Carmel, put people at risk, damage vehicles, a house and other property. I think we all need to go to the council meeting and find out what is going on in this borough. Frog's take: Keep in mind the chase was initiated in Conyngham Township and involved police from eight communities, not just Mount Carmel.

Finish up

Please finish paving Oak Street in Kulpmont. We people in Mount Carmel Township are getting all the coal dirt, the holes in the road, all the mud and, in the winter, we get all the dirty snow and everything on our properties. We are trying to keep our properties clean.

Player transfer

If a player transfers to another school, they should sit out for a year. The Line Mountain student did it and he was a state wrestling champion. So if you go from Shamokin to Southern, no matter who you are, you should sit out. Talk about politics only in the coal region. Frog's take: Kids move all the time, but a student only has to sit out if the district he or she moved from challenges the move. That's what happened with the Line Mountain wrestler who moved to Benton. Now, onto the next gripe!

Not a right

You said you don't see the difference between having to show an ID to purchase a video game and having to show an ID to vote. Well, purchasing video games is not a constitutionally protected right.

Lawless land

Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement that he will take legal action to block laws that would require voters to show a valid form of identification is a clean attempt by a lawless White House to aid and abet voter fraud.

Thank you

Shamokin should thank the family that planted and cares for all the flowers along the brick wall that is leading into Shamokin. A big thank you to them.


This is to all the litter bugs in Shamokin: I am very tired of cleaning up your garbage and trash in front of my house. Could you please put it in a garbage can on Market Street or take it home with you? Don't be a slob.


Colin Powell thinks the George Zimmerman acquittal was a questionable decision and the president should be more outspoken on racial injustice. Methinks the president's stance is very clear on this subject. I wonder what Mr. Powell's opinion is of the O.J. acquittal?

Two kinds of grass

I would like to know why Kulpmont needs two men driving around in a vehicle, jumping out and measuring grass to see if it is an inch too high, when there are drugs all over town. They are more worried about harassing people with their grass than cleaning up the drugs. Frog's take: Code enforcement doesn't patrol for drugs.

Bold prediction

I am making a prediction: Mount Carmel will only lose two games this year. They have the strongest linebackers in the country.

Misc. debris

I have lived in Kulpmont for 30 years. Mr. Dubbs' house was always a fire hazard. No code enforcer, no councilmen and no police ever condemned it, and now there is a pile of debris. We, the town people, are not paying for his mess. It is his responsibility and it is his property.

The least

These Democrats never get tired of finding ways to spend the taxpayers' money. Now they want to make it so that people automatically qualify for the CHIP program by presumption. What a ridiculous suggestion. If people need health insurance for their kids, the least they can do is take the time to apply for it.

One minute

I saw "The Butler" on opening night. It is a great movie, great acting, maybe not historically 100 percent accurate. Like Oprah or not, she played an excellent part, and Jane Fonda was in the movie for about one minute playing Nancy Reagan. That is it.

First it taketh

The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government doesn't first take from somebody else.

Seasonal beauty

The flowers on 61 by the Cameron Bridge are so pleasant to see spring, summer and fall. What a nice arrangement.

ID required

Showing ID to vote is not as troublesome as easily getting the ID that fits the narrow criteria of the PA law. Some military IDs don't meet the criteria. College ID does meet the criteria. If you are elderly, you must get to the nearest photo center to get government issued ID, but the polling place is within walking distance. Not every county has a photo ID center.