Off the street

I want to congratulate Mount Carmel township and borough police and county probation officers for catching that drug dealer in Marion Heights. Good job on taking a drug dealer off the street. If we could only get the council to clean up the town as far as the weeds, trees growing through the alleys and property being maintained, it would be another great plus.

Slow news day?

Yesterday must have been a slow day for news having to place a huge picture of a $2,500 lot being landscaped in Kulpmont on the front page, or was there an underlying message about transferring public property for next to nothing for the commissioners' party buddy?

Not fair

Mr. Vinny Clausi, would you please do something about bringing jobs to our town? And please look into the relief office. We have a group of people out in Coal Township walking from one end of town to the other doing nothing; there is nothing wrong with them. You certainly could get them a job and get them off relief. It is not fair to the taxpayers.

Goose stepping

If Obama had been president when World War II started, we would be speaking Japanese or German now. He needs to stop telling the enemy what we are going to do next. Because of his big mouth, ISIS has captured the only air base and a squadron of jet fighters, which will now endanger ground troops and our jet planes, and even the aircraft carrier.

Crosstown traffic

Whoever is in charge of those stupid crosswalks signs in Kulpmont better get somebody to straighten them out every day. Most of the time they are on an angle. If my cars gets hit with one of those things, I am not going after the other person's insurance, I am going after Kulpmont Borough. Frog's take: As the old saying goes, "No good deed goes unpunished."


With a new governor who embraces the Medicare expansion, thousands of new jobs for young medical professionals and support staff could be created. Many citizens could receive health care for the first time. Well-paying jobs could be created and there could be an increase in enrollment in the schools who educate them. Our federal tax dollars could be returned to our own communities. A win-win-win.

Right reasons

I take it the days of modesty and doing things for the right reasons are over. We have to take pictures of everything we do. No matter what thought I have, people need it, and now. "Look at me, I am pretending to donate to a cause. I am only doing it so you all look at me." Whatever happened to doing things for the right reason and not worrying about getting credit? That is God's job, to give us credit.


If you have caller ID and have been receiving calls from local numbers that turn out to telemarketers, you are not alone. It is called "spoofing." They manipulate the caller ID to appear as a local name and number so you will answer the phone. Unfortunately, no one knows how to get it to stop.


When the Phillies start rebuilding their team next year, the first thing they need to do is get rid of the broadcaster Tom McCarthy. He doesn't have a clue how to announce a baseball game.

King of the north

If Burger King moves their offices to Canada, I no longer will eat at Burger King.

Kulpmont's demise

I hope the people in Kulpmont realize what these councilmen are doing to you, because if they build that building, there won't be a Kulpmont in 10 years. They will have two state prisons and that is it. Nobody will be able to live here. In fact, it is hard living here now.