Something for nothing

I would like to respond to the call about aides sitting around the school doing nothing. These people are senior citizens who are volunteering their time. They are there just to pick up some overload, and they are doing it for the children out of kindness.

Thanks, Lions

Mount Carmel Midrise calling: Thanks to the Lions Club once again. They are great people.

Heart and soul

Concerning the article on the Fairview Gun Club, it is great that the club is going in the right direction. Over the past 10 years there have been dedicated volunteers who have been instrumental with getting a lot of these activities started and deserving of a lot of praise. The heartbeat of that club is its volunteers.

Many issues

Jenna is wrong again. Sorry, gays and lesbians have many issues. Just go to a gay pride parade. Your eyes will be open. The liberal media will never show you the true picture. Frog's take: What were you doing at a gay pride parade?

Biting the hand

I see where Sen. Rubio from Florida is against the immigration bill. He forgot pretty quickly that when his parents left Cuba they were given amnesty. That is why he is here. What a hypocrite!

Adam and Steve

Normally I think Jenna's articles are practical and upbeat with a bit of whimsey, but she crossed the line with her same-sex marriage column. I am sure God is not too happy with her right now. Does she not know history repeats itself? Why were Sodom and Gomorrah destroyed? May I add a little of my own whimsey? God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

Argument fails

Jenna Wasakoski's same-sex marriage argument fails because its supporting premise is subjectivism and relativism. Love and religion are feelings. God is just another thing within the universe who we can know using our intellect. Enter gnosticism. Saying same-sex acts hurt marriage no more than adultery says nothing. Disagreement is hatred. Traditions can change, sure, but what about truth?

Road to cross

I would like to thank the editorial staff of The News-Item for printing directions to get to the cross in Paxinos. I am relatively new to the area and I could never find it. That was very much appreciated. Frog's take: You're welcome. Thanks for reading.

Sweeper invitation

We live in Tharptown and the sweeper schedule was in the paper and we were omitted. I was just wondering if anybody knows when they are coming down our way. We are Coal Township taxpayers and I don't think we should have to clean it up from the winter. Frog's take: Surely they're not ignoring Tharptown.

Heard it all

I just wanted to say we all have latent homosexuality - huh? Just when I had thought I had seen and heard it all. I think that person should wake up and lay off the good stuff.


I am glad the newspaper got involved in the girl's problem with the water company. My grandson had a problem and it took well over two years to get straightened out. Thank you for helping that young girl.

Story to tell

Recently I have had the opportunity to speak to Vietnam veterans. The stories they have to tell are horrible. If you come upon Vietnam veterans, thank them for their service, even though you might now agree with that war.

Broken heart

I see now that Barack Obama is refusing to award the Purple Heart to the survivors of the Fort Hood massacre even though the act was committed by an admitted al-Qaida terrorist. This man has no business being the president of the United States. He hates the American that most of us know and love.