My hero

A recent caller to Sound Off criticized Southern Columbia for instituting a pay-to-participate fee. He accused them all of being Republicans. Let me tell you this, pal, with Barack Obama as your hero, you have no room to talk.

Perfect crime

I was wondering about the guy that stole the phone and charged almost a thousand dollars. Is he going to jail or does he not have to pay for his crime of stealing?

Trash man

I would just like to know when the code officer is going to do something about the garbage in the 700 block of Race Street that has been laying on the pavement for a month. Frog's take: Well, did you call him?


If the code enforcement officer and the police are still driving around Shamokin looking at dilapidated buildings, I wish they would look at the old Anthracite shirt factory on Franklin and Chestnut streets. Nobody said anything about that building, and if look at it, there is not much of a roof left. I believe if you are looking for an eyesore, that is an eyesore right there.

Heavenly face

The child actor who portrayed Colton in the movie "Heaven is for Real" should receive an Academy Award. He was the perfect choice for the part. He has such an angelic face. He was so convincing that we just loved him. We fought back tears, and the plot of the true story stayed with us.

Noise pollution

I have had it with these Harley-Davidsons rattling widows. They are running illegal pipes, so why don't the police do something about it? Frog's take: Loud pipes save lives.

Dead and bloated

Pay to play is just a roundabout way to put money back into the coffers for the school district so they can pay the bloated pensions, health insurance and salary costs of the school teachers and administrators. The truth is, nothing is going to change until the citizens of this state stand up and say no to the Pennsylvania state extortion that makes outrageous demands on our properties and our wallets.

Egg roll

I am calling regarding this egg roll at the White House. How come the White House hasn't posted it as an Easter egg hunt? Another sign that Obama wants to get rid of Christianity and everything else.

Vote Republican

To the dumb Republican who said that nicotine is a drug and nicotine causes cancer. Nicotine is not a carcinogen, you stupid clown. Watch Fox News and keep voting for Republicans.

Can you stomach this?

You know, one thing I like about the coal region is, I was observing a nice young couple walking down the street of Ashland. The guy had a big belly, and I can see he was disgusted with it, so he looked over at his girlfriend, who had a belly three times bigger, and she wasn't pregnant.