On a boat

For all you legal gun owners, the word is out. The Toomey common sense. Common sense is supposed to be the gun agreement he made with liberals to take away your guns or surrender your guns. This compromise for this background check was made on a yacht with Schumer and all of these liberals that want to get you guns, including the people from New York. So beware. Maybe whoever has Sound Off will have the guts enough to print this instead of that liberal junk that they put in the paper.

On sinners

If I think a person's private life is not moral, I was taught to love the sinner and hate the sin and not condone it.


If people want their private lives private, don't go to the Supreme Court and have it televised and plastered all over the newspapers.

Makes perfect

Checking facts would be a good practice before you print them.

Bums win

What a country we live in that will deny disability to a man with three months to live, but will give it to every bum who doesn't want to work.

Better than you

So there's this family in the area who thinks they're just better then everyone else. When you see them around, they love to just stare you down because they think they're just too good for anyone. I don't understand it because their kids are worse then anyone I have seen. They do drugs, steal and hurt people, and don't feel bad about doing it. When you tell the family, they don't care and then switch it around to blame the victims. They never take responsiblity for their actions.

Do more

I sure hope that the great Obama administration does more then they did when our ambassador (Chris Stevens and three others) were killed by terrorists.

Just saying

Nation's biggest movie theater cuts work week blaming Obamacare. Just saying.

More harm

To the geniuses in Washington, D.C., about doing background checks on mentally disturbed people: Well, what happens with the ones that are mentally disturbed right now and have guns who should go get treatment? Do you think they are going to go? No. It is going to do more harm that good. They better wise up in Washington.

Paper tigers

Sorry to say in relation to the Boston Marathon bombing, maybe we ought to outlaw everybody wearing a backpack, which makes about as much sense as passing a law on a piece of paper and thinking a criminal will obey that piece of paper to register a firearm.