Live and let live

I am calling about the gay and lesbian discussion in Sound Off. You know what I say? Live and let live.

Empty pockets

Regardless of the statewide debate about the rationale for privatizing liquor stores, for us, locally, it actually only means more empty storefronts and more laid-off workers without health insurance whose paychecks used to be spent locally. Somehow I don't see a plethora of wine boutiques in our future.

Frightfully good

Kudos to anyone involved with "Jekyll & Hyde." It was a fantastic performance by the Shamokin Area High School - the directors, the cast, the stage hands and everybody involved. It was better than anything I saw in New York City.

Keep on moving

I hate to break it to "Enough already," and I am not real excited about all the drug dealers around here, but the prison in Coal Township did not bring these people here; these people were here when the prison got here. It is just that the people who don't do drugs have left the area and all we have left is drug dealers, and the rest have moved in from the immediate area like Reading and Harrisburg because it is so cheap to live here. Their welfare dollar goes further.

Destroyer of county

Don't blame Vinny for the prisons that are brought here. Your ex-legislator is the one who you ought to blame.

Curb your dog

This is for the people who walk their dogs out by Lourdes or own a dog in that area: Please get a bag to clean up your dog mess.

On a boat

I am a resident of Atlas and cannot understand how a man can bring junk cars and a used, ugly boat and put it on a lot right next to a park. I am sure the supervisors and the code officer see this.

Calling all sweepers

Does the street sweeper come to Ranshaw and, if not, I would like to know who to contact to get it here.

Sure shot

Congratulations to Dave Daya from Mount Carmel on winning the United States Billiard Association's 2013 seniors championship. Dave's stellar performance bested a lineup of 350 competitors. Dave is truly a great representative of our region.

Fit to print

Pravda, Russia's communist newspaper, just wrote an article that Obama's policies are socialist. Just saying, and please don't shoot the messenger. It is against the law.

Nice store

Congratulations to Boyer's in Mount Carmel. It is so clean and so beautiful.

Has it wrong

Richard Thomas has it wrong in his editorial in Monday's paper. It is not the NRA that has defeated these ill conceived anti-gun laws, it is the American people. The NRA is merely the medium through which the American people speak, because they know that these laws will not work and only disarm law-abiding citizens.