To the person who called about the picture in Thursday's paper with the picture of the presidents at the memorial. He said the Republicans aren't even smart enough to pretend. That's all the liberals do - pretend. They are always pretending to do something for others they don't even care about to get votes.

Gun owner

I am a hunter and a gun owner. I own seven long guns and two pistols. However, I think the Gilberton chief of police is dangerous and needs to lose his job.

Syria quandary

The quandary in Syria is there are three choices: Assad, the Muslim Brotherhood and factions of al-Qaeda. Finding a way to protect the citizenry from chemical weapons may be the best any nation can do.

A question

When a person working full time at a minimum wage job for a multi-million-dollar corporations makes $15,000 a year and is required to apply for government benefits, is the taxpayer supporting the person or is the corporation, which clearly could pay a living wage?


So, the checkpoint got Dr. Kraynak? What about the other 50 drivers they stopped and delayed who might have important business or health concerns they want to deal with? I still say it is unconstitutional to have checkpoints.

Jail time

Why is it someone gets six months jail time for a DUI and another gets 30 days in jail for the rape of a little girl? Maybe the media should check on this because something isn't right.

Fire pit

My neighbor has a fire pit in her yard. She never outens the fire. You can smell things burning all night long, instead of being able to smell the fresh air. Isn't that nice to smell all night long? There could be a law against it. Frog's take: There very well might be such a law. Did you call the code enforcement officer or the police?

Legion building

I don't think Shamokin should get that loan to fix the American Legion building. The city is in debt, Shamokin's population is declining and there is no industry here. How will they ever be able to pay it off when they can't pay off the debt they have?

AOAA park

I just love how the county commissioners made a decision on the area's properties for the AOAA park without any of the public's insight. Shame on you. We will remember. We should have had a chance to vote on whether we wanted the AOAA park or not.

Time to yield

I thought it was a state law you had to stop for pedestrians in a crosswalk. I stopped for a pedestrian in a crosswalk by Weis, but a police officer didn't. He drove right past.

Keep quiet

This is about eminent domain for the tattoo parlor. If you people don't know all the facts, keep your comments to yourselves.

Political feud

All these factions with the political parties. Democrats and Republicans are going at it tooth and nail. It kind of reminds me of the Hatfields and McCoys. This will be an ongoing feud forever.

Bad impression

Which government entity - the local municipality or the state - is responsible for the Second Street sidewalk leading up to the bridge? It has weeds growing up through the sidewalk. It really should be taken care of. It makes for a bad impression going into Shamokin.

Income parity

Fast food workers should get the same pay as doctors. I know I would be willing to pay $40 for a hamburger.


I must correct you, Frog. There are many admirable Republicans for whom I have voted. My philosophy is based on Catholic social justice theory developed by St. Thomas Aquinas. My philosophy is one of inclusion, which means including everyone in the vote, including 30 million uninsured, the LGBT community, women's health care in insurance care and promoting peace. This philosophy makes one vote accordingly, and we will see about World War III.

Be realistic

The uninformed people who called about boycotting the fast food chains until they give their employees a decent wage apparently have never owned a business. Did you ever hear of quarterlies for the IRS and state governments? What about Social Security taxes, Medicare, Medicaid, workers' compensation and unemployment compensation? These are all required payments made to the government each paycheck. What about health insurance? Hire an employee for $10 an hour and the required benefit package could add another $8 to $10 for that employee. Know the facts, or better yet, go into your business yourself and have a reality awakening.