Good sense

Thank God that Shamokin Housing Authority has four members other than Jerry Splane. They seem to have the good sense that he lacks. Stating that he will use our taxpayer money to defend himself from the criminal charges he needlessly created is nothing short of insane. He has to be stopped from using "public" property as his "private" playground.

Drug bust

I just saw the news about the international drug bust. I also saw no one from Raspberry Hill was involved in the bust. Thank you, Jerry Splane, for keeping all of us and our children safe from drug dealers and criminals up here on Raspberry hill.

Cut off

If you serve our country, you deserve the same benefits as every other person who serves. However, as of Sept. 5, military couples in Oklahoma will no longer be able to apply to the state for health care, housing, etc., according to straight couples - simply because of their sexuality. They join hundreds of similar couples in Texas, Mississippi and Louisiana who had previously been cut off. This is wrong.

Eye on blight

Good job by Rick Bozza and Bruce Rogers for keeping an eye on blight offenders in Shamokin. Now maybe Jerry Splane will be forced as a landlord to fix up his rental property instead of sitting around the high rise and Raspberry Hill all hours of the day and night.

His own mess

I agree with caller "Tooth and nail." Shamokin HUD should not pay Splane's attorneys with our taxpayer dollars. He was cited for doing things no one approved him to do in the first place. He made his own mess and should clean it up with his own money.

Hotcakes, hot mess

I notice a lot of the names of the recent drug defendants have been in the paper before and, not only that, I went to school with a lot of these people. That girl is smiling because she is going to Schuylkill County. She is also smiling because she knows they are just going to get a slap on the wrist and be left out of jail just like every other time. Frog's take: But it was pancake day!

Give a little ...

I have had the same job for 50 years and I never had a contract and I never had any benefits and I worked a lot of overtime and I never got paid extra for it. I must have had the worst boss in the whole world. But, it all turned out quite well. I guess you are wondering who I worked for. I was self-employed. Isn't that wonderful? I made it, and I am a very successful person. People have to give a little, not take a lot.

Global cooling

I see that Obama has drafted legislation that will now effectively cut out all coal producing plants. This is a disgrace. He is doing it in the name of global warming; however, did anybody else see the report that the polar ice cap is 60 percent larger than it was in 2012?

Real shame

I was just reading about the drug bust in The News-Item. What a shame our area has come to this. What really is sad is that there are 19-years-old kids involved in this. When we were 19, we didn't even think about this. Drinking a beer was a big deal. It is a real shame, and one girl was even smiling in one of the photographs. She won't be smiling for long.

Go Pope!

Yay, Pope Francis!

Final solution

Well, I see there was another drug bust, but my guess is that few of them will spend any serious time in prison with the possible exception of Mr. Alvarez. In my opinion, anyone who is actually a dealer should be executed. It is the only way you are going to stop this. There is too much money in it otherwise.

Feed my head

All you people condemning people on welfare, it is not their fault. The jobs all went overseas. If they could get a job, they wouldn't be on welfare. Jesus said feed the hungry.

Stiff competition

With the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are actually going to have competition like the auto makers have.

Handouts are U.S.

Why is it that the United States can give billions of dollars away to other countries that don't care anything about us and big subsidies to big oil and we can't afford to give food stamps to people that are out of work and need the money because they don't have jobs? It is a shame.

Law of averages

This concerns the salary of not only the teachers, but any elected political figures. I believe the salaries should be tied to the average of the people that they serve. When you take that average, it should exclude the salaries of any public officials or school teachers. That way I think they would get more of a flavor for just what the local people are making. Once they realize what their neighbors are making and they are in the same position as their neighbors, it would be more fair and equitable.