Does the caller on religion mean a Jewish person or someone else who is not Christian who has spent his own life trying to uplift humanity and does good, will not spend eternity in heaven? Boy, what a religion you belong to.

Wrong answer

The reply from Mr. Roody from the governor's office notes TEAM-PA, a private organization, paid for the governor and his team to travel overseas to look for jobs. However, this organization gets funds from the Department of Community and Economic Development, Department of Environmental Protection, etc. Their funding comes from the taxpayers. We paid for their job searching and expenses.

Private problem

I read in Saturday's police blotter that Raymond G. Splane was cited for city code violations on a property he owns on North Sixth Street. How can the mayor and city council members continue to allow him to be a board member of the Shamokin Housing Authority? How can someone manage publicly owned properties in the city when they refuse to take care of their own?

Ring baloney

Regarding county row office pay cuts, what really makes the controller's office so different from other county offices? The reasons I've read thus far are irrational, inconsistent and nothing more than political baloney.

For shame

Shame on the coach for throwing his son down to the ground on the field today and throwing his shoulder pads at him and grabbing his arm and dragging him half the length off the field. What an example to set to our families and the others on the team. Shame on you!

Get a clue

Walter Brasch is correct on the figures he used for the higher education cuts proposed by the Corbett administration - all you need to do is look at the budgets that are online to find that out. The conservative calling to congratulate the governor's office for the bogus letter they wrote would believe anything his/her side says. Make an effort and get a clue.


The proposal for a fairly new church in Mount Carmel to make alterations and putting in an elevator is absurd. If the money is available, why not do what Jesus would do and assist parishioners with food and medical and fuel bills?


Today we are no longer isolated people. We live in front of the TV that shows CNN and even the Weather Channel, where we see destruction and horrible things all over the world. Not everyone in this world believes as we do. We can go to any other country and find children who were taught different religious beliefs. Even in our own county there are many people who believe differently than we do. Why aren't we more tolerant? Be kind to others and be judgmental of your own deeds.

Double edge

What I find amusing and derogatory at the same time is the fact that homosexuals can promote their lifestyles and people who accept that lifestyle can give their opinion in favor of it. But as soon as somebody is against that lifestyle and gives their opinion, they are labeled a bigot.

Out of the pool

Fewer employers offer health insurance and fewer businesses offer retiree health care. With Gov. Corbett's refusal to expand the Medicare option, one wonders if PA citizens will move to one of the states that surround us, which are all expanding their coverage. If so, goodbye to more of the tax base.

This is a test

The purpose of this life is to determine where you will spend eternity. If you are not a believer in Jesus Christ and you should die, your future will be horrendous, horrible and frightening, with no hope or relief. It is your choice. Choose very wisely.

Fair warning

I hope all the pro-gun control politicians saw what happened in Colorado when the two legislators who backed gun control were recalled in an election. Let this be a lesson to you ahead of time.