Cry me a river

I have the news on right now about the pay cuts in Northumberland County. I feel really bad for that one lady. She was making $57,000. Now she is going to go down to $31,000. I feel really bad considering I get $20,000 a year and that is what I live on, and that is before taxes. Frog's take: And how do you "get" your $20,000 a year?


Keep it up, Vinny. You are doing a good job. Don't listen to these parasites.

So what?

To all the self-righteous telling us what your God thinks about gays: We don't care. We're free, and we're all equal. And if I'm sent to hell for believing that, I'll make sure I let a light on for you.

How ironic

Clausi and Bridy, what a joke. I find it ironic that the commissioners' salaries won't be cut until 2016 while the other officeholders' cuts go into effect at the beginning of the year. Frog's take: The timing of the changes was based on when a new term begins for each particular office.

Poker or golf?

John McCain playing poker during a session of the Senate; Barack Obama playing golf during the crisis.

No man's man

I am a 73-year-old man and I have plenty of skeletons in my closet, but not one of them is a boyfriend.

Don't give up

I want to give thanks to the person who is trying to give away all his free vegetables. Don't give up. Try it next year and take them up to the senior citizens up at the high-rise. Probably the youngsters don't know how to cook with all these vegetables, but the older people do. Once again, you are wonderful.

Foot clan

Confucius say, he who kicks Dr. Kraynak soon have a very sore foot.


To all of you crying about the lesbians on the front page - get a life. Find a hobby, read a book or go for a walk. They are not affecting your quality of life at all. Do they pay your bills, eat dinner with you or go to sleep with you at night? You are all so quick to judge and voice your opinions. If you are so godly, then stop being so hypocritical.

Smalls stakes

It looks like the commissioners are going to keep their money and when the new ones come in they will get such a small amount of pay.

Lead from behind

Ironically, those who accuse the president of inaction and leading from behind, when given the same opportunity to vote, take the same position.

We'll see

A majority of Americans wanted gun legislation passed and it was not. We were ignored. The majority of Americans do not want military intervention. We'll see what happens.

Left behind

Perhaps the reason people have left religion behind is the philosophy of rejection and negativity recently expressed in Sound Off regarding the gay couple.

Bottom feeder

Well, Mr. Staugaitis, it is good to see where you are at. Back to normal with you football predictions, on the bottom. Frog's take: I am the Cleveland Browns of the Fearless Forecasters.

Life is short

God bless the couple who was on the front page of The News-Item. Everyone should be happy; life is too short. We only have one judge that we really have to worry about when we all die. What is normal in this day and age? Maybe people would be happy with two miserable people on the front page. Lighten up!

Magic beans

With the cuts in salaries that the commissioners now have put in, don't they realize that between that and what they are asking the row officers to pay on medical benefits and what they will be paying in taxes, there's not much to bring home. That is ridiculous.


So the county controller doesn't make enough money, but all the other row officers were making twice as much as they deserved? Is that right, Vinny? I think there is a lot more to this than meets the eye.

Double the pain

I have to agree with Commissioners Bridy and Clausi for their actions in reducing the salaries and health care costs and sharing in the pain with their constituents who are suffering through the downtimes. I think that in addition to this tax-saving idea, term limits should be mandatory for all offices in the county. Good citizens and conscientious people would step forward and do a better job than the present, self-serving egotists. Frog's take: Don't forget, those "self-serving egotists" were elected - and in some cases, again and again - by the voters.