Poverty line

I am in the poverty level. Social Security is my only income and I have learned to live on it. I buy my own food, pay all my utilities and insurances, gas for the car, taxes and any other bills that crop up. For me, eating out at McDonald's, Burger King or Long John Silvers is like eating a filet at a high-end restaurant. I am sick and tired of hearing both parties say we have to do more for the middle class.

Straight flush

Fox News. What a joke. No wonder our country is going down the toilet.

Coach complaint

Hey, Frog, I think you are a real moron. It is about time you start putting something else in the paper besides Clausi and these politicians. We call in about the Shamokin football program and you never put nothing in. It is about time they get rid of all those coaches and start from scratch.

Buyer's remorse

So Mitt Romney will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge to get elected. Well, Obama sold you General Motors.


The presidential debate is over; Romney flattens Obama. I read the article in newspaper the next day, and if that is all that I had done, I wouldn't know who had won. Now, the jobless rate goes below 8 percent and it makes top headlines in the paper. This is the first time it has been below 8 percent since he has been president. Frog's take: The debate didn't end until around 10:30 p.m.; wasn't a lot of time for analyzing that night, but we had plenty in the days following that made it clear "Romney won." Just a suggestion: don't start with the assumption that all media is "liberal" and you won't find as many conspiracies to complain about.

Above the law?

Last Tuesday driving through Kulpmont, I saw one of the finest, a policeman, driving his car using his cell phone. I thought that was a mandatory thing and we are not supposed to use them. How are they going to have the law if they are going to it themselves? Frog's take: Texting is against the law, but not using a cell phone for calling.

Total recall

Commissioner Clausi is the rudest person to the electorate that I have even seen. We, the people, voted all three in, and he decided that only his opinion only counts.

Trouble with gas

Why are they still racing NASCAR if there is so much trouble with gas? Frog's take: Not sure. Why are they still flying football and baseball teams coast to coast?

Just one thing

In reference to defense attorney for Jerry Sandusky, Joe Amendola, talking about Sandusky, saying he is a very likable guy, he gets along with everybody, he is a model inmate, he doesn't cause problems and he is sociable and pleasant. He forgot one thing: He has been convicted of being a pedophile.


Romney's foreign policy: Attack Syria and Iran.

Too many chiefs

It is funny that someone should bring up about the size of AOAA council being 15. What about a borough the size of Mount Carmel having seven councilmen or the borough of Kulpmont having five councilmen? They don't need them anymore. What I would like to know is how you go about getting that changed. Frog's take: It's a bit of a long process. Just ask the folks in Mount Carmel Township, who cut their board from five to three.

Every month

I am sick and tired of hearing these Republicans saying they fixed the numbers for the unemployment, that it dropped below 8 percent. Come on, they know for a fact that every month they get the numbers.

Full of lies

Walter Brasch: Liar, liar pants on fire. Be thankful you are Pinocchio. Your article in last week's paper is full of your lies. I was in Iraq in 2004 and 2005 and I drove an up-armor Humvee and had two armor upgrades to my Humvee over that year. Congress also sent over civilian motors to add armor plating to every vehicle they could. Active-duty troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan don't need jobs; their job is in the Army when they get home. The National Guard and reserve troops are guaranteed jobs by law when they come home.

Check yourself

I know for a fact that my neighbor across the street doesn't have a trash hauler. I don't know where he is hiding all the stuff. Then there is the guy I see out back every morning on Market Street who takes his stuff to work with him at the Mid Rise so the taxpayers pay for his garbage bill. Time for Mount Carmel Borough to start seeing who is obeying the ordinances and who is sucking the life out of the taxpayers.

The real hindrance

As a former member of the Rescue Squad, I disagree. Anthracite being in our garage has not been a hindrance of any type. The hindrance is, and the reason I left, is Kulpmont has our own Rescue Squad. We have our own now. That is what is hurting them.


County Commissioner Rick Shoch publicly stated he met with Mr. Kaleta and told him that the Clausi-Bridy action regarding Kaleta's waiver for the ATV park was a Sunshine Act violation. Shoch also admitted that he met with attorneys best and Bowers, who represented Kaleta in this case. It is obvious that Shoch instigated and probably directed this lawsuit, costing the county thousands of dollars. Shoch tried to say he is reasonably trying to resolve this issue when, in fact, he instigated this lawsuit.

Our man

I love the picture of Vinny on Oct. 3. I think it would be great if someone could put a blood pressure monitor on him and have the reading displayed for the audience to see. Keep up the good work, Vinny. You are our man.

Fish out of water

This is for all the Obama people. I hope they watched the debate last week. If you take Obama's teleprompters like they did, he looks like a fish out of water. Has his head down and no record to stand on. It just shows his inept ability to manage this country.

Money pit?

After reading all these front page articles concerning the AOAA park, it seems we are taking the chicken before the egg. Quite frankly, a lot of people still believe the AOAA park will be nothing more than another money pit for the taxpayers of Northumberland County.

Not buying it

So the jobs report says unemployment is down and that it is the best it has been since 2008. Yeah, right, I am not buying. Nice timing, isn't it? The election is coming up and Obama looked like a fool in the first debate.