One would think

I would like to post two points regarding the ongoing Mount Carmel school district negotiations. Listing the average salary for the school district compared to the rest of the commonwealth means little unless also listing the average annual wage earned by the taxpayers of the district and any school districts that are being compared. And please mention to union president Joe Varano that the union membership can be committed to a fair deal resolution 100 percent. It is a mathematical impossibility to be 110 percent behind any idea. One would think a teacher would know that.

Moo cows

It's fun watching teachers and prison guards fight over who's more important. I'd say they're tied for most unproductive, over-priced sacred cow. Subsidized farmers, fat bully cops and the chicken-hawk Rambo wannabees in the military are close behind. Frog's take: Wow.

Enough is enough

No one forces any teachers to teach in Mount Carmel. If you don't like the salary, quit. Maybe the teachers' salary should reflect the PSSA scores. Failure equals a decrease in pay, or the loss of your job. Instead of worrying about football and other activities, how about worrying about education? Parents should be paying for all activities, every dime, not the taxpayers. Also, all activities should be suspended until PSSA scores go up.

Free pass

Corporations that donated to the Obama campaign get a pass on health care, but park services and other government officials are told to create as much unnecessary pain as possible.

Great sendoff

What a nice retirement present. Five hundred dollars a week unemployment when you retire. Then they want to give you a party on county time?

On heros

How could you say teachers are heroes? The only heroes we have are the people in uniform overseas fighting to protect us here in the U.S.A. The military men and women in uniform are the heroes, not the teachers. Get your story straight.


We treat teachers like they are nobody and pay them accordingly. We send them students with more problems than one can count. Sociocultural, substance abuse, addictions, economic, physical, intellectual and emotional. Then we wonder why they have challenges in learning, growing and engaging in school. For many students, the only personal connection they have is with a teacher. That in itself is priceless.

Roller derby

This is for the stupid caller who thinks all county employees have patronage jobs. Let me tell you, I work, I am a county employee and I earn my paycheck. Some days I need roller skates. Come and walk in my shoes for a day.


In Saturday's Sound Off, there is a little piece called "Knowing someone." Amen to that. That goes for state and federal, too.

Not so awesome

So the teachers at MCA say they will only "work to the letter" now. As it is now, my children never come home with any homework. They aren't challenged. Every year, class time is devoted to teaching specifically to the PSSA tests. You're not supposed to be devoting class time to helping them pass. They are supposed to pass based solely on your daily activities and curriculum.

Held hostage

My message to the MCA teachers: Get rid of the dead wood in your ranks and start performing to the level you expect to be paid. Then you can be deserving of it. Otherwise, you are holding the students, their parents and the taxpayers hostage in order to get what you want. Maybe you can all become politicians and move to Washington.