Not again

I see where Sen. Ted Cruz and the Republicans are threatening to shut the government down again in February when the budget and debt ceiling come up. It cost the economy $24 billion when they shut down the economy for two weeks. Where are their brains?

Barletta visit

I'm happy to see Barletta visit Shamokin and see what problems we have. This is something all congressmen should do. They should visit our towns and cities to help clean up the problems. They should make room for more jobs, not send money to foreign countries. Then maybe our problems in Washington, D.C., would lighten up.

Louder vehicles

Why, with our new modern technology, are our motor vehicles getting louder and louder? People have to be modifying their exhaust systems on their trucks, motorcycles and cars. They are so loud, and there is no enforcement. How do they keep getting these vehicles inspected year after year when there is no enforcement being done?

Judged fine

Just calling to see if you know who the judges were for the Shamokin Halloween parade this year. They did a great job. Frog's take: They were Janet Wahosky and Anngalee Becker from First National Bank and Cleveland Parks of AREA Services.

Curb you employees

I think in order for the city to save some additional funds, they should curb the employees from using city vehicles to go home for their lunch and let them drive their own vehicles.

Losing interest

What is going on with the Shamokin Area High School football program? This is the worst it has been since the jointure of Coal Township and Shamokin. I would like to know if anyone understands why this team in 0-9? Maybe these kids are not interested in football anymore around here.

Living wage

This is to the person who wants to change the welfare system and food stamps. It is an easy fix. If the businesses in the area would pay a livable wage instead of minimum wage, there would be no food stamps. You wouldn't need LIHEAP. You wouldn't need any public assistance if they earned a wage that they could live on. You wouldn't need all these services that are provided because somebody wants to get rich while paying their employees the minimum.

High and mighty

It would seem that the judge has a high opinion of himself compared to some of the people he has to work with in our county.

Good old days

Like I said before, what would these cops in this town do if there were 35,000 people here like there used to be when I was a kid? Frog's take: There would probably be more cops.


Why are you Democrats so obsessed with the tea party and Ted Cruz? Are you afraid of them? Why don't you and your own party try to defend Obama, Pelosi and Reid? You can't.

Great parade

I would like to congratulate whoever put the parade together in Mount Carmel. It was wonderful.

Angry chair

Well, congratulations, you stole a chair off of my porch. Whoever did it I hope you are happy and you can use it. I'll tell you what, don't let me catch you, because I am putting another one out. Just rap on my door if you want one of chairs. I'll gladly give them to you. You don't have to steal it.

Beautiful, but...

I am calling from Mount Carmel about the creek project that is going on. These guys are doing a fantastic job. It really looks wonderful going down here through the woods. But, that foot bridge is missing. A lot of people relied on that going to Boyer's, CVS and the Silver Bowl.

Massive failure

It is obvious why the Obamacare website was such a miserable failure. Everyone involved was so busy stealing their share that no one took the time to check if there was someone actually building it, because that was the furthest thing from their minds.


I am sure there are a lot of people out there who will agree with my opinion that President Barack Obama is the most unknowing president we have ever had and the most self-centered president we have ever had. He heard about Benghazi through the news, heard about the IRS scandal through the news, so forth and so on. Where does he spend his birthday? Celebrating on late night television. Unbelievable!

Hang it up

Football is a game of strength, durability and stamina. Maybe Michael Vick should just play tiddly winks.

Closed for all

If the Shamokin Street playground is closed, why are there adults playing in it? Closed means to everybody. I don't want to see them again in it. Frog's take: Well, maybe it is because they don't have to worry about them pooping on the slide or drawing obscenities with marker all over the place.


I saw you and your family Sunday in CVS. I now know who you are. I also have your license plate number. Put the purse back on my front porch or I will notify the authorities.

End is nigh

The way the world is today, this question is very important in the grand scheme of things. Does anybody know what happened to "The Price is Right" regular models. Are they on strike, were they fired or did they quit? I would like to know. Please call Sound Off. Frog's take: I see they have male models now. What is this world coming to?