Triple threat

There is a reason why no one wants to teach here. Mount Carmel Area pays historically bad and most new teachers are better off working in the inner city. Seriously, I attend Bloomsburg and have many education friends, and they were all told to avoid this area. The triple threat of low wages, poor policies and completely apathetic students makes this district a nightmare.

More of the same

The meth lab explodes, teachers want more money and Mount Carmel and other area leaders cannot understand why the educated students leave the area and industry goes to Frackville. The test scores are low because the druggies are the parents of or will be for the kids they have to teach. Belfanti and his cohorts brought in the prisons, and this is the result: neighborhoods filled with trash.

Lock down

About the playground: Why do these big kids have to ruin it on the little kids? They enjoy going to these playgrounds and now they have to be locked down because of all the kids who don't know what to do with themselves. Why can't they go build their own playground and ruin their own things?

Patient safety

Geisinger doctors are not being permitted by the administration to give enough time to fully evaluate their patients' needs. As a result, there is a risk of serious mistakes. Give doctors ample time to take care of their patients properly.

Jerk store

To the jerks who are dumping garbage at the Salvation Army store: shame on you. That store is doing so much good for the community and you are causing them to spend hundreds of dollars to haul away your trash. I hope that you are caught and punished or that someone dumps their trash on your doorstep.

Vandal views

I believe the Shamokin Police Department needs to catch the vandals at the playground and prosecute them and hold their parents responsible rather than closing the playground and keeping out kids that need and want to be there.

Lesson learned

To the Shamokin chief of police: Congratulations! At last, someone is doing something to put the nasty, foul-mouthed brats in their place by closing the Shamokin Street playground and the skate park. I hope they both stay closed a long time and that the kids will learn a lesson. Also, people who are harassed by them should always report such incidents to the police. Frog's take: The skate park is never coming back.

Blame parents

When my child comes home day after day and tells me that she is one of three kids who submit their homework in math class, it is really time to put the blame on the parents and the students. Give the teachers what they deserve.

Ongoing issues

I am just happy to see that the Stellfox investigation is still continuing. Now, if we could only give these teachers a raise and clean up Dubbs' property, we would all be good.

God is good

As a Democrat, all I can say is that if God is good, Ted Cruz will be the Republican presidential nominee for 2016. Frog's take: Cruz vs. Clinton? That would be like choosing between chicken pox or the measles.

Day in and out

The school board doesn't feel the teachers deserve a raise, yet this is the future of Pennsylvania. They are the ones working day in and day out with the students. They are the ones who should be paid.

Spruced up

The community garden that was in Sunday's paper is a nice start for Shamokin. It needs sprucing up. I hope someone takes a look at the lot that is adjacent to the post office downtown, because it is really an eyesore. That is a part of town that people see on a regular basis and it used to look pretty, but now it is full of weeds and piles of debris. Maybe some organization could adopt it. Frog's take: It only takes one person. Maybe you could start the cleanup.

Saving our town

Thank you, Mount Carmel Chief Owens and the Mount Carmel Fire Department, for eliminating another drug lab. You guys are on top of these things. Thank you very much for saving our neighborhood and saving our town.