Going crazy

I get a kick out of that one announcer at the Shamokin game. When Shamokin makes a touchdown or a good play, how he screams. He goes crazy. Well, in the coming weeks, we'll see how much he's screaming when they play Southern and Mount Carmel.

The Dr. sells

It looks like to me that the revenues must be down at The News-Item that they have to put the doctor's picture and another article in the paper. He sells the most papers for you. I wonder if you're going to give him a commission. Frog's take: We thought we'd simply report the latest news in the case.

Disappointed alumnus

As a Lourdes alumnus, I can't tell you how disappointed I am that two Lourdes representatives on the front page of the newspaper - with their Lourdes shirts on - would be against the pregnancy home. Catholic faith is pro-life. What's wrong with these people?

More than three

I have to agree with "Green is gold" about the recycling in Mount Carmel. I feel for what I'm paying; the only one making out is the garbage man. They should collect more than three items.

Tall order

While you are fixing the recycling problem in Mount Carmel, please include Den-Mar Gardens in your solution. Den-Mar needs to recycle. Everyone needs to recycle. The planet depends on it.

Damage done

I love the comment how you have always gone there for free, how you walked your dog and all the other things and now you can't. What you were doing is trespassing. It's illegal. Maybe if you could turn yourself in, with all the dates and times you've used this land illegally, the authorities could fine you and put the money into cleaning up your dog's poop and all the other damage you may have done illegally.

Room for one more

I wonder how many of the residents who are against the pregnant women's group home are against a woman's right to choose. Here are women who are trying to give their child a chance but need some help. Our "pro-life" community says, "you're not welcome - go somewhere else," or in biblical terms, "no room at the inn." What exactly is so threatening about pregnant women? Perhaps you'd feel better if the township approved an abortion clinic?

Good for community

I was disappointed to see that picture of two individuals who are closely aligned with Lourdes school opposing the pregnancy care center. I would think that Lourdes people would be pro-life. I think the pregnancy care center is a good thing for the township and the community as a whole.

Breaking news

The Obama administration lied to us for over a week about the embassy in Libya being attacked by terrorists. They contended it was over a film made in the United States. All that and the headline in your paper is that Dr. Kraynak still has a driver's license. Come on, give me a break.

Irish homers

Notre Dame has a tough schedule and it looks like the same homer officials like in the Ron Powlus years. They won't be at Oklahoma, though.

To the dogs

To the person who is complaining about someone buying dog food on Access, are you sure they have a dog? I once had a relative who ate dog food because they ran out of money by the end of the month.

Life needed

I am calling about the pie people. We got the crack houses in Shamokin, we got the bath salt houses and we got the whore houses. You know what - get a life. Leave the pie people alone. What did they do to you?

People food

So what if the person bought a piece of meat for their dog in the grocery store. I buy people food for my cat all the time. It is more nutritious for them and a lot safer than the garbage that is put in the commercial food made in China.

Smiles and smirks

I thought Joe Biden was very good in the debate and very knowledgeable. So what if he smiled a lot about things that Ryan said. Did you people miss the smirk on the face of Ryan and how he didn't directly answer some of the questions?

Take a seat

Coach Reid should take a lesson from the Yankees and sideline Michael Vick. He throws too many interceptions. He doesn't throw that ball where it should go. Sunday's game was disturbing. He isn't earning his millions this year. He's lousy. Let him sit out a few games. He needs a timeout.