Local gumption

I think it's great that the people took it upon themselves to tear down the dilapidated house on Montgomery Street. We need more people like this who take responsibility and guts to solve their problem rather than wait for others to do the work. Three cheers to them. They didn't cry about the situation and they didn't wait for the government to bail them out. Renews my faith in the people of Shamokin.

High value

Syria's chemical weapons are being destroyed, another high-value terrorist is caught in Libya and bin Laden is dead. Compare this to some of our recent Republican president's flubs and fumbles. Bottom line is Reagan and Bush sold weapons to terrorists, let us open to their attacks and allowed them to escape. Obama disarms them, captures them and kills them.

Please clarify

Could someone clarify the "No open fires in Shamokin City backyards" ordinance? Apparently the guy who lives next to the West End Fire Company doesn't understand.


The bargaining strategy of Republican members of Congress looks like they're trying to make an old, rejected position look reasonable by putting it next to an outrageously unreasonable position - like threatening to blow up the world economy unless President Obama submits to their will. Someone please explain to Paul Ryan that he lost the election.


It's stunning that only 76 percent of Americans feel the nation is on the wrong track. But someone is voting Republican, and those must be the 24 percent who think things are A-OK. Where's voter suppression when you need it?

Atomic dust bin

The Federalist Party, Democrat, Republican, Nullifier Party, Whig Party and the Liberty Party are some of the political parties that are now in the dust bin of history. Unless the Republicans recognize that their function is to represent all the people of the United States, in addition to the exclusive interests of their electorate, they will join the list. Blackmailing the president to keep the government functioning will not work.

Fitting tribute

Roy would have loved your St. Peter and St. Paul cartoon in Sunday's paper. I thought it was a great and very appropriate tribute to such a great guy. He would always make me, "Smell like a rose in a tulip patch!" It was quite an experience walking into his shop. His stories and opinions were as great as his haircuts. He will be greatly missed.

Red redemption

Those who hate government shut it down before they realize what functions it performed. Then we are hit with the other reality, that their red states were more dependant on government than the blues.

May be worth it

So I see where Michelle Bachman was on TV the other day saying it is the end of times and it is going to be very soon. You know, that wouldn't be too bad, because that would also mean the end of having to listen to her. It would be almost worth it.

Stamps stopped

I went to Weis shopping and I get food stamps, but not much. I couldn't even use them. They said in 18 states they stopped it, so I bet the people are going to be really happy.

Pirate raid

Well, leave it to the left-wing radicals in the Associated Press. Now they are criticizing the integrity of the commandos who rescued the Merchant Marines from that ship when they were taken over by pirates. Why don't they investigate Obama and why four Americans died in Benghazi and nothing was done about it?

Wait a minute

I just read the grades for the schools in the paper today and Mount Carmel Area Elementary is lowest of all the schools in the area - and these teachers want raises?


Are you telling me the Mount Carmel Area teachers need a raise? Did you see the latest breakdown in Sunday's Look at Southern Area and look at Mount Carmel. You can't tell me it's the students.