Swooning for Betty

Well said, girl (Better Bitterman)! Where is the pride anymore? I guess you and I still have to keep paying taxes and try to make ends meet? Looks like millions depend on us (citizens and illegals)? Keep working and keep the faith. God bless you and thanks for telling it like it is.

Take, take, take

I'd like to remind people that if you use food stamps, Social Security, disability, Medicaid, Medicare, Rabbittransit, LIHEAP, Section 8, HUD, WIC or any other type of government assistance, you're considered a "taker." Those government-funded programs, whether local or federal, are paid for with taxpayers money. Rich people don't need these programs, so, of course, they no longer want to pay taxes to ensure they continue to exist.

Race card

In response to the reader who "implied" that the many anti-Obama comments may be due to the fact that the area may be racist: Why do Democrats have to label those who do not support Obama as racist? You have pulled that card out so often that it now hurts your efforts to scare everyone into voting for Obama. Maybe Obama is having a problem here because he wants to bankrupt coal mining, which directly affects those in this area? Maybe you are the racist.

Just checked in

Greg Maresca's "Talking Points" column states exactly "what condition our condition is in!" Best ever, Greg. Keep telling it like it is!

Isn't that special?

Why are they giving Jerry Sandusky special care in prison? They should put him in a cell with other prisoners and not escort him around when he is not in his cell. He deserves everything he gets. Then he will know how those kids felt. I don't pity him a bit.


I just finished reading the article about retesting teachers. I think it is a great idea. Then we will have the best. They should be retested, just like nurses and doctors and physician's assistants.

Curb your dog

This is for the slob up on Marshall who walks their dog every night and then brings it down and it does its duty in front of my house. Curb your dog or put it in your back yard to do its business. We have you on camera, and you will be arrested.

Good games

I went to Shamokin high school and live in Mount Carmel. I really enjoy the Coal Bucket games, even though Shamokin rarely wins. But the games I truly miss are the Shamokin-Lourdes games.

Welcome to the pit

This is for the person who called in and thinks it is OK for Catholics to vote for Obama because of lives being saved from not having wars, even though he is forcing institutions to pay for abortions. That is called compromise, and that comes from the pit of Hell itself. God's judgement will be upon this country.

Strange ways

Life is precious. Please vote your conscious. God works in strange ways.


Liberals are like teenagers. They know everything, especially how to spend your money.

Bird poop

A news flash for people not concerned about politics: The Philadelphia Eagles stink.