Moon shot

We landed on the moon in 1969 and planted our flag there. That means it belongs to us, right? Why doesn't the government sell off pieces of it to pay off the national debt? That way, they aren't going to need all our tax money anymore.

Bad rap

Concerning rap. I would like to tell you that rap is not a culture. In fact, it is not even music and they grab their crotches. What is so great about that? I think it is stupid. I think it is for people who don't know how to sing. Frog's take: Well, at least you can't hear them grab their crotch on the radio.


The national statistics report that the majority of food stamp recipients are the elderly, children, veterans and the working poor. When did we get so resentful and cruel that we begrudge the needy food?

Stuck in the middle

The country is going under, and the GOP fumbles, retreats and apologizes. It is tragic, but it is now clear to see that one party is filled with frauds, crooks, socialists and out-and-out communists out to bankrupt the U.S. economy, wreck capitalism and destroy America. The other party is filled with weak-willed cowards who are either scared of their own shadow, in cahoots with Obama or suffer from the Stockholm syndrome.


If you are poor and need assistance, I am all for it. That does not mean the very best, that means survival. If you have a car or more than one car, video games galore, buy beer and play the lottery, if you have money for these things, you are not poor, you just have poor priorities. They should be sold to survive before the money a taxpayer pays in is used to help you survive. I do feel bad for the kids. It's a shame their own families don't get a job. Sell your toys, do whatever it takes to provide for your children. That's what we do. Set a good example for them. Don't expect handouts to provide for your own children. I can't believe the audacity.

Get with it

Just reading your Saturday opinion column. It mentions the occupational taxes in Shamokin not being paid. Why don't they go to Act 24 like all the other counties did and you omit that tax and everybody working would pay it? What is wrong with this town? I give up.

Say a prayer

This is for the person who took the wrought iron table from in front of the house on the west end on Holly Street. I said a prayer for you today, and I want you to know that. I don't know who you are, but remember, God does.

All that fraud

If Social Security and Medicare are two of the government's best run programs why has Social Security been raided of millions and Medicare with all that fraud? Also, Obama saying there is nothing wrong with the system is like the Penn State coach saying there is nothing wrong with the defensive system.

Don't blame coach

Now that the football season is over here in Shamokin and we are 0-10, I would like to tell everybody, please don't blame the coach. I don't want to hear all you people running around town saying it is the coach's fault. It is several things. He is a new coach, new system and you have to give the kids time to learn it. It takes a couple years.

Get 'em, Tigers

I would like to congratulate the Southern Columbia Area football team on their perfect season. A job well done. I hope your team gets to go to Hershey. Good luck this Friday. Go get 'em, Tigers.