No mention

Contrary to some claims in Sound Off, the president's statement delivered in the Rose Garden on the morning after the Benghazi attack, while clearly mentioning terrorism, made no mention of any video anywhere in that 5-minute presentation.

On average

On average, spread across the most recent year, how many people are incarcerated in Northumberland County Prison for simple possession or sale of small quantities of marijuana and/or paraphernalia?

Bar hopping

To "Three dimes down:" I agree with you about testing for drugs and alcohol. What about someone who uses Medicare to get a power chair who uses it to go from bar to bar because he is too lazy to even walk to the bars? That is, my friend, a waste of Medicare money.

Number one

Notre Dame's football team in No. 1. More importantly, Notre Dame players are No. 1 in the graduation rate. Notre Dame has its priorities right.

Spreading blame

Possible bankruptcy? Higher taxes in the county, predominately for the elderly? Who is Vinny going to blame for this? He is in his second term. He can't blame all the old commissioners.

Luck of Irish

The only college football team Notre Dame wouldn't luck out against this year is Penn State University. There is not enough luck in the world.

The Grinch

To the person who took my cell phone and $150 from my purse at Wal-Mart: Have a happy new year and a Merry Christmas.

Lions Club help

Once again I would like to congratulate the Lions Club in Mount Carmel for offering holiday dinners for the seniors and people who are needy. The do such a magnificent job each and every holiday .... the workers are fantastic and beautiful people. They are so friendly, nice and compassionate. God bless the Lions Club of Mount Carmel.

Risky business

I see in Sunday's paper where the county got out of the health care business by selling Mountain View Manor. They got out of the transportation business. They got out of the airport business with the one airport. I guess my real question is, why do they want to get into the off-road park business?

Private Corbett

So first Corbett tried to privatize the liquor system and sales. Now he wants to privatize the Lottery. I find it funny that he keeps trying to privatize the only self-sustaining systems the state has. What is he going to try to privatize next? The driver's license center?

Cut their pay

It appalls me that the commissioners can get $60,000 and many of the workers are between $20,000 and $40,000, and they have been there for years. No wonder they want another tax increase. They should cut their pay for doing nothing except bickering.

Money drains

When it comes to government, you can cut all the jobs you want, but what you really need to do is cut out the unions and the pensions.

Hill street blues

I would like to know when the Shamokin police are going to start coming up on Bunker Hill on Sunbury Street and Cherry Street. You have people parked in front of driveways, fire hydrants, stop signs and yellow lines. This is getting ridiculous. They drive around and nobody even gets a ticket.