Better off

We're still working our way out of the war and the economic mess that Bush put us in. Thankfully, most people recognized that they are better off now then four years ago and, more importantly, they recognized that they're a heck of a lot better off than if Bush/Romney's economic polices would have been in place.

You can go home

After reading Saturday's Sound Off, and as support personnel for a school district, I would like to say that I totally agree with the one caller. If people went back to Reading, Philly, New York, New Jersey and the Williamsport area, we would have less problems in the coal region.

Under pressure

I am calling from Mount Carmel. We also don't have any water pressure around the Sixth and Walnut streets area. We do have a hydrant, and I do think they should check that also. We had no pressure during the fire and we weren't too concerned with it, but, as I read in the paper, I guess we all should be concerned.

Interesting facts

In watching the post-election analysis, some interesting facts emerged. The states with the most highly educated populations chose Obama. The more poorly educated chose Romney. The only exception was Nevada.

A little old

You are telling me that the girl who terrorized 1,800 students during the bomb scare is a 17-year-old freshman. A 17-year-old freshman?

Money and greed

The fact that the Navy SEALs are selling book rights and acting as advisers for video games, revealing classified information such as tactics and equipment, is abominable. It is all about money and greed.

Passing the buck

Obama's re-election proves that the liberal media was successful in brainwashing the population and nothing more. Did the wealthy mismanage the tax revenues? No. The federal government has a spending problem and they want to pass it along to others. You liberals who just reelected the worst president in history just guaranteed that your children and their children will not have a better life than you did.

Taxes and welfare

I am calling in response to paying taxes while being on welfare. Well, I do pay my taxes. I don't get cash assistance. I do get food stamps and help from LIHEAP. I also have health insurance and pay co-pays for that. To say that all welfare people do not pay their taxes is untrue.

How do you sleep?

When welfare buys you a car, pays for your repairs and tires and you live off the system for years, how do you sleep? You get everything for free.

Another four?

Obama won, so it looks like Greg Maresca is going to be whining and venting for the next four years.