90 days

I just wanted to say that my heart goes out to the Dorsett family. Ninety days in jail for killing somebody's son? A plea bargain? Somebody didn't do their job.

Removing all doubt

Americans are so tired of being thought of as idiots by the rest of the world that we went to the polls this past November and removed all doubt.

Magic fund

I must be as dumb as Charles Shuey's gutless friend that he refers to in his letter. Police pensions aren't paid by the taxpayers. I would like to know who pays them? Is there some magic fund out there that we don't know about?

Sticks and stones

In regards to Shuey the name-caller, I wonder how he thinks the recycling center is making the money. We know that it is generating money from its recycling, but he still is taking a job from someone that really wants one. I need a job.

Feel good hit

This is to Charles Shuey, who has just called retired people in our area lazy louts because they don't supplement their income and just sit around all day. I would like to inform him many retired people volunteer for very good causes to make others' lives better and don't feel they need extra money to feel good about themselves.

Survival of fittest

To the person who said it is OK to drop an animal off on the side of the road if you can't afford it, you disgust me. It might just be an animal to you, but for many people their pets become a part of their family and are cared for like it is their child, which is exactly how it should be. How would you like it if somebody dropped your newborn child off on the side of the road and left to fend for itself? Technically it is just an animal that was born to survive, right?

Served cold

I think it is a shame when Tony Rosini can say it was justice served in that accident where that boy got killed. It is unbelievable.

Primary purpose

A car, a rope and a knife do not have the primary purpose of killing. A gun does.

Off the rails

It is always best for Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter and the rest to have a Democrat in the White House. Railing against them is how they make their millions.


Normally I would not vote for Sen. Toomey; however, he is the rare Republican who has shown the ability to compromise and respond to the will of the people. He will get my vote.

Nice example

Here we are with a Little League game going on. Where is the lady that is running for council in Mount Carmel? Riding a four-wheeler through the recreation complex with her husband. Really nice.

Country living

Well, people who drop off their cats and dogs out in the country, don't you think the farmers end up taking care of them ? Who will feed these strays if they are left in the country?

Bottom feeder

Only $100,000 to operate the swimming pool at the high school? That is not much money. Maybe they could put artificial turf on the bottom of the pool.

No assistance

In the regards to the caller who stated there is nothing wrong with dropping animals off on the side of the road, let's drop him off on the side of the road to fend for himself, without the assistance of welfare and food stamps, and see how long they last.

To the wolves

In regard to the Sound Off call entitled "Other people's problem," no, dogs are not born to survive in the wild. They are no longer wolves or coyotes or foxes. They cannot hunt or fend for themselves. They are generally completely dependent on human masters. So when you drop a dog off on the side of the road, that dog is either going to get hit by a vehicle or die of thirst or starvation.

Funny farm

The Shamokin Area School Board members - their promises are a joke. They need to stay at the funny farm until they grow up.