Auction bargains

I was just wondering what happened to the Sunday afternoon auctions that were being held in Shamokin near the BRL outlet store. They were a good thing, and you could really get some bargains.

Garbage in, garbage out

Whatever happened to the city taking over the garbage collection? That would eliminate so much garbage laying out the mountain and all the fires out the mountain and all these properties getting dilapidated just sitting there rotting with garbage on them.

Be not afraid

At the Police Day celebration in Mount Carmel, Chief Owens taught the kids that a police officer can be a friend, that you don't have to be afraid of the police. You can go to them for help, and he made it fun for the kids all at the same time. Way to go, Chief Owens.

What's going on?

This is for the Coal Township commissioners: I live down here on Walnut Street and they have this thing all tore apart, just like last year. All the vehicles are getting pelted with rocks and there is dust all over. I inquired to see what is going on and they tell me it is not getting paved because someone is going on vacation. This is ridiculous.

Costing us money

Molesevich helped with SEEDCO, which is a tax-supported KOZ zone, and all we got out of that was luring Reinhart from Sunbury. Now he's going to sue the county for coal royalties?

The shredder

It was nice at Mount Carmel Police Day; they had a giant shredder company there to shred residential papers. I wish Shamokin or Kulpmont would have that. Is there any place around here that does? I went to Danville, but their base rate is $70 for 200 pounds, and that is the lowest they will go.

Private parts

I just read the article by Walter Brasch about the power of eminent domain to seize private property. My heart goes out to those people who own land; these people, these big corporations, can seize that property, whether the owner wants it or not, and it is OK by the government and the justice system. Wake up and stick up for your rights. Private citizens should have the right to keep their land.

Back to work

Has anyone noticed the drop in the deficit since the rich had that tiny tax increase? Perhaps now we can invest in the infrastructure and get people back to work, which is what the economist have always advised.

War ensemble

More Americans have been killed or murdered by guns in our society than have been killed in all of our wars combined.

Sick feeling

To the person who had to euthanize the sick cat they found, God love you. I know the feeling. I have done that and also used a Christmas gift certificate for an animal hospital just for that purpose.