Not so tasty

Anybody else notice now that TastyKakes is doing the old Hostess Twinkies and cupcakes? They don't taste the same even though they are using the same recipe. They seem a lot drier these days. Obviously, whatever they purchased was not the same recipe.

Sergeant Schultz

This is for all the Obama and Hillary Clinton supporters. With everything that is going on with Benghazi, it is like the old TV show "Hogan's Heroes." They don't know nothing, don't see nothing and they didn't say nothing.

Oh, deer

I live up on Tioga Street and I would like to leave a message for the thief who stole my deer that were out in front of my house. I would like you to know they are on camera and I will prosecute them if my two deer are not returned.

Regular Joe

Believers will never live in harmony with unbelievers, and are not supposed to. If you want to live in harmony with someone, don't make stupid, ridiculous calls to Sound Off in the first place. Frog's take: Says the Sound Off regular.

Free-range smokers

The mid-rise in Mount Carmel decided they are non-smoking and gave the pavilion to the people to smoke in, but that is not where they are smoking. They are going across the street and smoking on porches, they are going down the street and smoking in front of other people's houses. Why should everybody else have to deal with their decision? They need to deal with their residents and decision and tell them to stay off other people's property.

Cemetery flowers

I'm upset about the flowers being taken away when the man cuts the grass at Transfiguration Cemetery. It's a shame they can't be left there to honor our loved ones. This does not happen at other cemeteries. Frog's take: Have you checked with the caretaker to see if there's something that can be done?

Drives point home

The man in Ohio was a school bus driver, but let's not paint all school bus drivers with the same brush. Frog's take: Obviously not!

Go get 'em

I'm just reading Sunday's paper about Molesevich. I hope he burns the county. He's trying to create jobs and the county is just setting him back, setting him back. It's just plain wrong.

Sue 'em all

Let's get big-shot Kurt Masser in here now and help pay for the county getting sued by the coal company. I hope Molesevich puts it to them real good. I hope these politicians and lawyers all get sued.

Fighting drugs

For that person who wrote in Sound Off about seeing people with drugs, I think the Shamokin police are doing an excellent job; I don't think anyone could put them down.