Out of control

The code enforcement officer in Shamokin says the feral cat population is out of control and something must be done. What about the human rat population? I don't see anything being done about that. Sorry to call them such, but if you look at some of the porches and the people, I am sure they must be breaking some sort of code. Frog's take: It's not as if he isn't also addressing that "population."

Strength in numbers

I can see Pandora's Box opening. I am talking about Shamokin's proposal on licensing cats and banning the feeding of strays. As always, no good deed goes unpunished. We are talking about good people who truly care about the plight of these poor animals, people who are passionate about them.

The best thing

About the article on the cats. If they don't want the cats here, starving them is not the problem. If they are going to do that, they should take so many at a time and euthanize them. I am an animal lover and I am sorry to say that, but that is the best thing to do.

Night shift

About the people who stop at the convenience store at 10 o'clock in the morning and commented on how people were dressed. Frog, your answer was so funny and so true. I really loved it. Frog's take: Thank you.

Go, Rick!

It is about time somebody does something about these cats. Go, Rick, go. I hope you get them all.

Booze blues

I agree with The News-Item editorial that the state liquor system should be placed into the private sector. What it would save in terms of salaries, benefits and pensions far outweighs the jobs people have working for the state.


The Shamokin code officer wants to get rid of everything he doesn't like. Raccoons, cats and political signs. What is next? Frog's take: Who in their right mind likes raccoons in their neighborhood?

No dumping

I am begging for Shamokin to adopt that new cat law. I am so tired of trying to keep my home nice and clean when you have everybody's wild cats spraying all over your house and dumping on your lawn.

Even the rats

I just got to tell you my friends and I had a good laugh over the front page cat article. We realize that it is a problem, but we were just wondering why Shamokin doesn't get rid of the rats, especially the big ones. People can take that how they want.

Apples to oranges

Sure, caller, there were attacks when Reagan and Bush were in office. The difference being that Reagan and Bush didn't go all over the country telling lies to try to cover themselves in order to get reelected. Barack Obama and his entire cabinet are the scum of the Earth.

Too many cats

Totally agree that owners should have to license their pets. What is the difference between cats and dogs? I am sick of cleaning up cat dirt in my yard and then when my dogs kill one. I am the bad person. Too many strays; something needs to be done.