Playground privilege

I think it is a little bit ridiculous that the Shamokin Street playground is closed. I have two little kids, and every time we walk by, they see the adults in there and they want to go in and play, too. What gives the adults the right to go in and play when it is supposed to be closed for everybody?

Filthy prison?

I would like them to investigate the Sunbury jail for how they live in filth. I know that they should pay for what they did when they are in there, but there are some respectable people who don't have to live in filth like that.


I would like to know why none of the major networks are covering Michelle Obama and her daughters' trip to China on the taxpayers' dollar. She does not want any photographers and no reporters. Where is freedom of speech?

Pay up

Frog, I would like to meet you, whoever you are. Anyway, my message is I believe that anybody who has kids in school should pay to play. If homeowners with no kids in school have to pay school taxes, why not have the parents pay for their students to play?

Where'd I go wrong?

The other day I was in line at Walmart waiting to pay for my order, which was a half-pound of lunch meat and a loaf of bread. In front of me there was a lady getting checked out. She had two carts filled with all kind of goodies, including cases of soda, chips, pretzels, then the meats. This lady was wearing new cloths, earrings all over, tattoos, plus expensive rings on each finger. Now the good part - she pays with an Access card. I worked all my life, paid for everything I got, never got anything from the government, and now I'm wondering where I went wrong.

More problems

I just read the Tax Claims Bureau sold nine area properties for a total of $5,400. Hopefully, the purchasing company will repair and sell them and they do not remain vacant homes or lots. If they are rented, I certainly hope the individuals take care of them and the owners are not simply "slum landlords" adding to the problems we already have.


Everybody is calling Sound Off to report geese and robin sightings. If someone would report a sighting of a slim, well-dressed woman in the coal region, now there would be a sight to report, but I don't think it is ever going to happen.

Rocket 88

Inflation will be caused by the weather-related droughts and floods that will make our food prices skyrocket. The weather changes on the planet are occurring even faster than anticipated. We will pay one of the practical, everyday consequences at the grocery store. By the way, Greenland is disappearing.

One down

It is good to see that the Eagles got rid of Michael Vick with his injuries all the time. Now the Phillies got to get rid of Howard and all his injuries.

Strike out

I see Danville teachers are going to go out and strike for more money. I think that is a good thing. I think they should got out on strike and I think the parents should go out and strike with their kids, and when they want to come back to school, tell the state government to go to you-know-where.

Green grocer

I am happy that Weis has gone green. I can go to their web page, click on the sale coupon and it is automatically added to my keychain card. I don't have to carry a paper coupon, worry about losing it of forgetting to use it. The discount is automatically deducted at the checkout. I realize not everyone has a computer, but I appreciate the electronic coupons.

Scooter commuter

I am calling about "A good man." Dominic Fabrizio gave me a ride on his scooter wherever I needed to go, whenever I saw him. I am just calling to say that he was a very good man.