Spare tired

"If you can't say something nice. ..." Remember that basic rule of good manners? Today, yet another casual acquaintance told me, "You look tired!" People I see occasionally while shopping, people whose names I may not even know, and who I'm sure don't know mine, feel free to tell me how bad I look instead of, "Hi, how are ya?" or, "Good to see you again," or "Nice day, isn't it?" Maybe I'm tired, maybe just sick or old, but I don't appreciate hearing that you noticed it. Telling me I look tired is rude, insulting and uncouth.


I have been a member of the Shamokin Fire Bureau for more than 20 years. I really enjoyed helping anyone I could, whenever I could. When Rhoades got control of the fire bureau, it has been downhill ever since. He is the sole reason that I no longer volunteer.

Dressed to kill

Teachers choose their careers. If you aren't happy and aren't making enough, go get a different job. If you have to wear specific clothing, take that up with the school board. Students at Mount Carmel Area have to wear a uniform and the parents have to pay for that as well. As with many jobs, you have to dress appropriately.

The prophecy

Prophecy tells us that Russia will be an enemy. Revelations refers to them as the "King of the North." They will hate God's chosen people and Israel. But we know who wins because we read the last book of the Bible. Dear Frog, have a happy St. Patrick's Day. You deserve it. Frog's take: Thanks, and the same to you.

Thanks for voting

To anyone who uses the Internet: Do you know Obama has now relinquished the Internet to a foreign country? Thank you for voting for Obama.

Red dawn

I just read Greg Maresca's article and methinks he may have watched too many "Red Dawn" movies of the 1980s. He should probably take his own advice, put on some music, have a cold one and relax.

Hope springs eternal

It is Saturday, March 15, and the robins are up in Wilburton and the geese are flying like crazy overhead. Hopefully, spring is on its way.

Heavy metal thief

To the thief who stole the metal from behind my garage: I have you on camera, so I will see you around.

Objection overruled

The outrageous fees being charged to the Line Mountain school district on behalf of that female wrestler make me sick. As far as the girl goes, her and her family should go back to Iowa where they came from, and the judge who made that ruling should be hit on the head with his own gavel.

Hard work

Once you have sacrificed the moral high ground with torture camps at Abu Ghraib, other camps and an unwarranted invasion resulting in 189,000 deaths, Putin quickly reminds us when we offer any criticism about the invasion of Crimea. It has made secretary Kerry's work very difficult.


It is humorous to hear Fox News say the president appearing on "Between Two Ferns" denigrates the office of the president when Fox News spends 24/7 denigrating the president.