Important issues

I'm glad Walter Brasch is writing his articles. He gives people with a little brain something to read about important issues that actually affect us. For the rest, there will still be plenty of stories about birth certificates, fake wars on religion and hating poor people.

Musical chairs

Clint Eastwood was spot-on talking to an empty chair. Now we have two empty chairs, Biden and Obama. Our country is a mess with scandals, the Middle East is on fire and he is going on a hundred-million-dollar African vacation. He is not a president or a leader.

Nothing new

The American people have been spied on and had their telephones tapped for years. It is nothing new.

Not fair

I was in Weis on food stamp day and what those people can buy makes me sick. They should be buying peanut butter, eggs, milk and bread, not steaks, ribs, ice cream and chips. I can't afford that stuff, and I am supporting them. It is just not fair.

Trouble finds us

The hundred million dollars for the president's trip to Africa is money well spent. All American presidents should build positive relationships with nations around this troubled world. It sure beats spending it on senseless wars.


Frog, this is just for you. I see your lovely little girl at school. You must be very proud of her. Congratulations. Frog's take: Thank you, I couldn't be more proud of her.

Damage done

We are the breadbasket of the world. Will the damage we have done to the atmosphere, which has left the Midwest in devastating droughts, change the way we are able to feed ourselves and others?

Still rough

It is nice that the gentleman invested $50,000 in the building at Second and Oak streets, but it is still an eyesore.

One- way ticket

Obama should stay in Africa. That would be the best use of the taxpayers' $100 million.

Witch way

To the young man who was in Ranshaw and wanted the witch for Halloween, please come back to Brady and I will make sure you get it. He was a nice young man and he likes Halloween.

What a load

The law allows for double parking for loading or unloading if there are no parking spaces available. Just a bit of advice. Frog's take: That is all well and good, but people who double park next to or near empty parking spaces should be summarily executed.

Giving it all away

The reason so few are upset about metadata mining is that we live in a world where people disclose every personal and private detail of their lives on social media daily without any prompting at all.