Street is a mess

I am calling in reference to Walnut Street, the first few blocks off of Second Street. That street is a mess. They screw it up, they fix it up and they screw it up again. For God's sake, fix the streets in this town before you start tearing up others. It is hard one everybody's cars.


Good morning, Mr. Frog, Pennsylvania king of the one-liners. Just calling to say that we appreciate you. Frog's take: Thank you, caller.

Wild bores

The water company opened its reservoir so we can fish and enjoy nature. Some of the anglers and hikers are leaving their trash there. Please tell them to respect our natural resources or do not use them. Tell them to stop being pigs.

Man at work

I am from Kulpmont and I appreciate Mr. Lutz challenging the borough council's ludicrous decisions. It is time to put dictator Bozza and Mrs. Niglio out of office. If Mr. Lutz continues expressing his pride in his community, count me in. I will buy him a florescent vest and a "Man at Work" sign.

Serve and protect

It is a shame for all of our troops who have served and protected our country and have come home without arms, legs or even sacrificed their lives who now have countless medical problems but have been put on the bottom of the list by our government. They can't get the care they desperately need in a timely manner. Why can't Obama allow them to go to any hospital of their choice close to their homes?

Speak the word

I am a resident of Kulpmont, I am 64 years old and have lived here all my life. I would like to thank Bob Chesney, Walter Lutz and Joe Pancerella for speaking up on behalf of all of us who are too intimidated by the rudeness of our present council members to speak out at meetings. I have known these three fine men all of my life. I'd love to see all three named on the next election ballot. They would win by a landslide.

Police academy

This is for the idiot who wants to cut police pensions. For over half of my life, I protected your sorry butt. On July 4 when you were out in your back yard getting drunk, I was riding around in a patrol car. I worked nights, weekends, holidays, summers and winters. I earned that pension.

Stars and stripes

Thank you for Page 12 in The News-Item Saturday. It is beautiful! God bless America.

In union

This is to that wonderful community of Kulpmont, and I mean that. Community should be spelled "come in unity."

Where's the beef?

Obama likes to brag that he is beefing up the economy. Obviously he doesn't know beef from pork.

Press your luck

I live on Sunbury Street in Shamokin and I would pay big bucks just to park in front of my house.

Instant insanity

If you keep doing the same thing and expect different results, is that called insanity or is that called Iraq?

Off the grass

If Kulpmont Borough isn't going to do something about these people's dogs pooping all over everybody's grass, then they better quit their jobs because they aren't doing them right. Kulpmont needs a dog catcher, not a code officer.


I read the article on the functioning addict and I was very impressed. My granddaughter is involved with a drug addict who steals, buys, uses and sells drugs. He is in jail right now. I just hope people appreciate the honesty of this woman, and I hope my granddaughter realizes what she is getting herself into.