Kulpmont residents should sue the borough for whoever hired Wilson. And early retirement? What is he talking about at 35 years old?

Christianity in action

Congratulations to the church groups who are helping residents to spruce up and clean their houses and grounds, especially to the young people who are sacrificing a big part of their summer vacations to help others. It is just wonderful. It is Christianity in action.

Son of gun

Hello, Froggy. This is the "Polish Iranian." How come you never put my comments in Sound Off you son (of) a gun? I see you put in everybody else's in but mine. But we love ya, Froggy. Have a good one. Frog's take: Here you go, you son of a gun! And how do you know I put everyone else's in?

God, guns and guts

To the person who called in and said Obama is Allah's curse on the United States, I am sorry, but you are an idiot. You are probably a Christian who doesn't even believe in Allah, but don't have enough guts to say God, so you said Allah.

Out of work

Everybody says that they need work or they want to work. I called a couple contractors for work at my house and I only had one company locally from Kulpmont respond. Also, I need some electrical work done and the gentleman we always use has never returned three or four phone calls.

Soul searching

In reading callers' comments concerning the president, I was amazing at the juvenile name calling used to express extreme dislike for this man. Is it because of his governing or his color? Search you soul and now speak up. Frog's take: I guess you didn't read Sound Off during the Bush administration.

Pining for paving

I live up here on Pine Street in Coal Township. I was just wondering where they are for paving? They were up here about three months ago and ripped my street up and now it is a mess. Nobody has ever come back. They did Walnut Street and Arch Street, but they must have forgot about Pine Street.

Fairer sex

Women are so much smarter than men. Frog's take: Suck up!

Work of Art

Thank you for printing the article about Artie Catino on the front page. It was very nice to read something positive involving a local person. Keep up the goof work, Art.

Special delivery

This is a lady from the mid-rise in Mount Carmel. I just would like to say thank you very much to the Wilburton Fire Company for delivering the potato cakes here. Our people really enjoyed them. Again, thank you very much.

Special writers

I just want to say how blessed we are with our News-Item writers in the Sunday's paper. They are special, each one. I just love reading them. Two weeks ago I made copies of John Usalis' column and shared it with every senior or almost senior I know. What a great column. Thanks for having these guys.

Knock on wood

About the person who said that if Obama had a country it would look like Cuba: I bet you if you knock on their head you would hear an echo. Why don't you go to Cuba the next time you want to call Sound Off? My Siberian Husky has better sense.

Elephant talk

Does Dave Kaleta know what he is talking about or does he just talk to talk?

Hard time

In the case of Ariel Castro, the scumbag out in Cleveland who was just given a life without parole sentence instead of a death sentence, maybe somebody in prison will do the job for the sniveling, sissy wimps that are ruining our judicial system. Otherwise, he'll die of old age sitting on death row by using all those guaranteed appeals.

Modern parable

Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a welfare check, a free cell phone, food stamps, Section 8 housing and a six pack of beer and he will vote for a Democrat for the rest of his life. Frog's take: Good one, caller.

Loose cannon

Kulpmont council members did know Rick Wilson's loose cannon behavior before hiring him. It is their fault that they even got into that mess. They should have never hired him in the first place.

Name in lights

Kudos to the actors and director of the performance of "A Christmas Carol." You guys are ready for Broadway.

Cat killer

I would like to make a wish for the rotten S.O.B. who killed my pregnant cat on Pulaski Avenue last night. I hope you have all the hard luck in the world. Thank you very much.


I am looking for a job. Maybe I can get one writing a weekly column bashing conservatives to offset Greg Maresca's column. Frog's take: Isn't that what Walt Brasch is for?

Making a statement

In regard to the tattooing and piercing: If you choose to be full of tattoos and piercings, you are making a statement. If others did not make a judgment, wouldn't you be a little disappointed? We all present ourselves in the way we want to be perceived.

Butt out

To Commissioner Clausi: Keep your nose out of Shamokin's business.

Big thank you

I would like to thank everyone who volunteered at the car wash and a big thank you goes out to The News-Item by helping us promote the car wash and putting it on the front page. From all of us in the Payne family to all of you - thank you and may God bless and keep you.