Poker face

Sen. Rand Paul, it is too late to try to start courting the minority vote. You showed your cards years ago.

Art of self-defense

I see the liberal Associated Press is trumping the Israeli strike on the Gaza strip with color photos in The News-Item. What about the thousands and thousands of rockets that the terrorists from Hamas rained down on Israel? Israel has the right to defend itself, and it is doing a good job. We should take a lesson from them.

False address

Students should attend school and participate in sports in the district where the parents live, not use a relative's address or a vacant property so they can attend school in another district.

Be my neighbor

It looks like these houses in Atlas will be torn down by the end of the year and elderly townhouses are going to be put up by March. I am happy about that, and I will personally introduce myself to these people and offer my help whenever needed - shoveling or grass cutting - for nothing. I hope the rest of my younger neighbors offer the same thing to them. Communities need to band together. We owe it to ourselves.

King logic

Kulpmont Borough Council is a delusional group of Christmas club account holders believing they're corporate financiers capable of taking on a $1.4 million loan like it's no big deal. Their logic is like giving a teenager a bottle of whiskey with the car keys. It's disheartening watching them continually doing the wrong things with absolute confidence. Look what happened to the East End hosie.

Dirtbags in the night

Whenever I see piles of trash next to one of those used clothing bins, I always picture a couple of dirtbags dropping it there in the middle of the night. Imagine my surprise when driving by on Sunday night when I saw a nice black station wagon with a couch sticking out of the back, backing into that space to add to the pile of junk already there. Shame on you. You can afford a nice car, but you can't properly dispose of your old couch? Take it over to Ranshaw and pay the $25 to get rid of it legally.

Suit of honor

Congratulations to the Philadelphia Eagles for signing a military veteran. This guy is not flaunting custom-made suits; he has worn a suit of honor serving in the U.S. Army. A true hero. Fly, Eagles, fly!

One for the west

Kulpmont is a pretty nice place to live and they got a nice playground up at the east end of town. Why don't they make a little one for the kids in Kulpmont down on the west end? They can get the money free from the state. Frog's take: I'm sure they'd love to have the help in doing that. Maybe you can get the ball rolling.

Step by step

I have steps up here on Wabash Street that are in front of my house, and I am getting sick and tired of people parking right on them. I even have a sign that says not to block the steps. People in Springfield are very rude and very ignorant.

Doing business

I read with interest that Steve Bednar doesn't have the funds to tear down the old Hardshell bar. Well, if he doesn't have the funds, then don't let him do business in Shamokin until he comes up with the funds and tears the building down.


Pride goes before destruction. Death to the machines.